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JOJO: The Discography Rate - WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, May 15, 2017.

  1. The Zedd remix of The Other Chick is amazing. Really elevates the track!

    When Does it Go Away was a big discovery for me. I don't recall it at all when I've listened to the mixtape before, but it's great.
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  2. Guy


  3. Noooooo, y'all are wrong!!!
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  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    There are a few tracks I'd switch out in favour of others (Like That really should've been in there), but what I love the most about that Top 40 is that every album/mixtape/EP/extra is represented, even if it's just 1-2 songs.

    So now let's get into it for today...

    40. Sexy to Me
    Average: 7.294
    Highest Score: 10 (Elysium, TRAVVV)
    Lowest Score: 4 (send photo, slaybellz)
    My Score: 8

    Sexy to Me was one of the hundreds (I don't even think I'm exaggerating) of songs that were leaked during the third album sessions, and was later mastered and released as a promo single after Disaster. It was produced by Danja, and sounds like something off of Blackout, especially how the last 30-40 seconds or so switches it up and slows things down similar to Break the Ice and Get Back.

    evilsin (9) picks up on the hints, saying "this is such a Blackout track, Danja, I see what you did here. Should've been longer". Lost In Japan. (9) similarly calls it a "Blackout-esque BANGER" and adds "I was let down by this following ‘Disaster’ back when it was released but it has really grown on me. Work."

    RMK (8) says its "not what you'd expect from JoJo, but it's something amazing". Sprockrooster (9) gets his pop star and producer wrong but it's okay: "Very Kat DeLuna in vibe and lyrics (is this RedOne on production). I stan for Kat massively, so this too." And highest scorer TRAVVV adds: "Iconic opening line. This could have been a hit in 2009. We need her other Danja tracks to leak! I’m also glad they rewrote the lyrics after the initial leak of this track back in 2011."

    GhettoPrincess (5) however wasn't a fan, saying "this sounds like a generic 'sexy' bop which with JoJo’s voice just sounds wrong. It doesn’t really go anywhere special and if definitely isn’t a sound she should pursue unless it’s something more".

    39. Back2thebeginningagain
    Average: 7.294
    Highest Score: 10 (slaybellz, TRAVVV, Guy, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 5 (send photo, Veeis)
    My Score: 6

    The little intro that could!

    Back2thebeginningagain works its way into the Top 40, thanks to highest scorer Guy who got this included in the first place. He says "Praying this performs decently after I had to petition for it to even be included". I'd say it's done really well for a track that's barely over a minute long!

    Fellow highest scorer slaybellz shares this: "I love this interlude and replayed it so much that it's my most played JoJo track on I was also 22 and going through things when she dropped this mixtape so the lyrics in this were very relatable to me...minus the record label shit". Same sis, same. evilsin (9) says "This should've been a full track hands down. Wow." And TRAVVV adds "You should make a Katy song, you should make a cover song...".

    And although send photo (5) calls it a "superb opening", he adds "I don’t want it knocking out actual songs. Sorry."

    38. The High Road
    Average: 7.371
    Highest Score: 10 (Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Score: 5 (Guy)
    My Score: 8

    The High Road has been pretty steady with its losses so far, and now its namesake departs. The High Road is an inspirational anthem about going high when they go low. Believe it or not, it was produced by J.R. Rotem, which is a surprise to me!

    TRAVVV (9.5) gets it completely right: "Yes, sl*y me in 3/4 time mama! Another insane vocal from a 15 year old. This is a much better attempt at the “I am enough” cheesy schmaltz that she tries later on with Exceptional. This feels truly empowering, while Exceptional feels a bit forced". Agreed, this just feels effortless in terms of its theme and message. Highest scorer Sprockrooster adds "Pleasantly surprised to hear this matured sound coming from a 15-year old. Showing true potential on an early age." And lastly evilsin (8) says "I think the singing and the music are kinda juxtaposed here genre-wise, but this exactly what keeps me listening at the same time."​
  5. This is on the Equinox playlist ddddd. I hear it frequently.
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  6. Happy to see Sexy to Me out.
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  7. Oh no, quite a big loss for me with Sexy To Me and The High Road.
    I remember that I found Sexy To Me really cringe when I heard it for the first time, but after a few spins I decided that it's actually bop and a half. It became one of my JoJo classics.
    Also The High Road, one of a few tracks that stays in your memory after first listen of the album. Immense vocals and melody, one of my favourites. I see that I gave it 7.5 and I think that was too harsh.
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  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    37. Thinkin' Out Loud
    Average: 7.382
    Highest Score: 10 (send photo, Elysium)
    Lowest Score: 5 (GhettoPrincess, Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 8

    Highkey it annoys me immensely that it was labelled "Thinking" on Agápē and then "Thinkin'" on #LOVEJO2. Also annoying is that she clearly had the full thing done when Agápē was released because she was singing it in live-streams and such, but chose to Birthday Cake that shit and put only 1 minute of it on the mixtape. But thankfully we got the full thing later on.

    "Queen of introspective minimalistic ballads" highest scorer send photo stans, while slaybellz (9.5) calls it "beautiful" and adds "I'm so happy she eventually released a studio version of this". evilsin (7) poses the question of the day as he says "I don't get what insecurities she had about the full version when she released Agape, she sounds beautiful".

    As a side note, I've always preferred Agápē's version of Thinkin'/g out Loud, and I'm glad I'm not alone! Guy (9) asks "Is it strange that I prefer the Agápē version?" (no) and TRAVVV (9) adds "While I much prefer the Agape interlude version, I still had to give this a 9. I’m not a fan of how they produced the final version. But the songwriting here gives me chills, I feel like I’m right there with her in the farmer’s market. Then the bedroom." Yeah, I really liked the intimacy of the interlude version.

    We're about to lose our first 11...

    36. Take Me Home
    Average: 7.382
    Highest Score: 11 (TRAVVV) 10 (RainOnFire, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 3 (RMK)
    My Score: 10

    Bloop, there goes my first 10, and #LOVEJO is the first EP to lose all of its tracks. Take Me Home is a cover of a Phil Collins single that did pretty well, hitting #7 in the US and #19 in the UK.

    I absolutely adore this cover. It's warmth and peace and joy all wrapped up in a beautiful package with Da Interz' amazing production, and of course, JoJo's stellar vocals. The song feels like home, pun intended.

    "Not expecting this. That production is absolutely stellar. Something - and I cannot put my finger on it - is missing. Let me end on a positive note as this song deserve that I am loving those adlibs!" Sprockrooster (9.5) says, while slaybellz (8.5) adds "I'm a Phil Collins stan so I love that JoJo is also a Phil Collins stan". What do Phil Collins stans call themselves? Meanwhile evilsin (7) is half-here for it, saying "This kinda bops half way through."

    And I'll leave our last word with TRAVVV, who says "This is peak JoJo for me. Queen of taste. Tasteful song choice, tasteful recreation, tasteful RUNS!"

    Also this performance makes me so happy. It's a small Family Day event but she puts her all into it (as always) and I love seeing the audience react.

    35. Billions
    Average: 7.412
    Highest Score: 10 (TRAVVV, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (RMK)
    My Score: 9

    Agápē suffers two cuts early on, leaving Andre and Can't Handle the Truth remaining. I'm actually really surprised this one is out already - I always thought it was just a little less revered than Andre and thought it might've had a chance of breaking into the Top 20. Hmm.

    Agápē is just so full of warmth and this is its peak. What a gorgeous song. And I love the spoken middle-8 which she ends with a simple "whatever".

    Not much from the board for this one, with evilsin (7) saying that "the bizarre synth in the chorus is just mesmerizing" and highest scorer Guy stanning: "Pre-Mad Love this probably would have been my 11. It's just everything I want from her. Even the slam-poetry middle 8 is perfect".
  9. This is going amazingly. I just so happy Mad Love. didn lose a single song.
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  10. Not a fan of any of these three so it's okay for me.
  11. Guy


    Are you guys for real? Billions is top 5 JoJo. This has genuinely put me in a sour mood.

  12. It's a shame 'Lose Control (with Timbaland)' wasn't included, I love that song!
  13. What songs from her unreleased material should I check out?
  14. Kii I was going to add commentary about her slam poetry in Billions too but I forgot to I guess.

    There are definitely some songs left that should have been cut before these 3.
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  15. Forever In My Life and Wrong Man For The Job are the 2 that immediately spring to mind.
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  16. One of my all time favorite for both Timba and JoJo.
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  17. RMK


    Back2TheBeginningAgain should've been out a long time ago. Not impressed by it getting a higher place than My Time Is Money, Why Didn't You Call, and mainly The Other Chick.

    the Mad Love eliminations are going to be heartbreaking, since all the songs are so good.
  18. Guy


    It's almost as if a superbly produced intro track with a strong creative vision is able to resonate more with people than sloppily produced, generic bops.


    Billions UNJUST elimination.

    still seething
  19. RMK


    Stay seething.
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