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JOJO: The Discography Rate - WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, May 15, 2017.

  1. RMK


    Clovers is going before top twenty, or atleast it should considering Reckless is gone.

    Coming For You will miss top twenty too.
  2. I'm surprised "III" hasn't lost anything yet.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    How is Vibe out already? Insane - y'all messed that up!
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  4. In The Dark is the best thing on this mixtape indeed.
  5. Ouch at those two eliminations. Both should be Top 20 at least but whatever you obviously don't have a bop in your heart. DISGUSTIN'
  6. That's a first for me. Never got either in the highest scorers or lowerst in any rate I took part. Two great songs left... but then again all the songs left are great. Where's my xanax?
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  7. My impacT
  8. Any time I'm not on the lowest scorers list I'm proud of myself because even if I like an artist I tend to end up there.

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  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    And the three songs missing the Top 20 are...

    23. Coming for You
    Average: 8.118
    Highest Score: 10 (Elysium, Robsolete, HollyDunnSomething, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 5 (evilsin)
    My Score: 9.5

    Aw, this is classic JoJo. I would've loved to see this one in the Top 20. Those strings! This has remained a constant favourite after all these years.

    Lowest scorer evilsin sips on the haterade and says "This starts good, but I don't really like that pop-rock sound." Boy bye!

    On the good side is Sprockrooster (9) who is "snatched. She came for me and my wig and took it!" Yas. Lost In Japan. calls it "so dated in the BEST possible way (unlike a lot of her other early stuff ddd). Really reminds me of something else and I can’t work out what?" and highest scorer HollyDunnSomething says "Probably my only other contender for the 11. It's so feelgood, still one I go back to now."

    22. High Heels
    Average: 8.176
    Highest Score: 10 (munro, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 6 (GhettoPrincess)
    My Score: 7.5

    This is one of those songs that I never think to play on its own, but when it comes on...ooh lord do I get my life. That being said, methinks this has gone a bit too far in the rate, oop. There are a bunch of The High Road tracks that I would've placed above it.

    "Oh jeez she is angry" send photo (8.5) says, which may have been to the detriment of Sprockrooster (9) who says "A killer track, but a bit too much." Veeis (8.5) says "I love that a little bit more edgier and sharper production here. A pleasure."

    Lost In Japan. (9.5) says "Somehow I lost my wig to her performing this live despite the fact she doesn’t sing a damn word of it in the show? That’s how good a song it is" (true) and evilsin (8) says "Ooh, Jojo, you've been a bad muthafucka yourself, don't cha?"

    We'll end with highest scorer munro who says "Honestly this is everything" and adds "the 'Don’t cry when you see me again' line makes me yas all the time."

    Ask and you shall receive!

    21. When Love Hurts
    Average: 8.206
    Highest Score: 11 (Elysium) 10 (Sprockrooster, evilsin, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 6 (RainOnFire, GhettoPrincess)
    My Score: 6

    The tringle has remained untouched...till now.

    When Love Hurts is the first casualty, just missing the Top 20. Despite JoJo saying that all three songs served as singles, this is the only one that was solicited for airplay. It made a few waves in the Top 50 on pop radio but not enough to chart on the Hot 100.

    Regardless of the fact that this popped off live when I saw her in concert...this isn't even Top 40 material to me to be honest, and I really did not like seeing it get this far. Like I said way back when it got eliminated, I actually prefer the Real Love remix on #LOVEJO2. I gave it a 6 because I don't hate it, but I just...don't need it. Getting Mad Love further reinforced the fact that none of her DNA is in this song - it's just a simple little bop and nothing more.

    My fellow lowest scorer GhettoPrincess says that it's "a bit too generic and I love my bops but not feeling this one so much." With us is send photo (7) who says "It lacks the oomph she has on Mad Love. Still solid but I’m glad she started over."​

    I agree with RMK (8) who says "if there were more bass in the breakdown maybe it would've been a 10. It's really just a nice bop that could've used a little more." Even generous ol' TRAVVV gives this a 7 and says "I always wanted to like this more than I did."

    On the other end, we have highest scorer Sprockrooster who says that it's "a fucking jam. If love hurts and sounds this good I would almost crave for a heartbreak." His fellow highest scorer evilsin says "this is such a bop. It creeped up on me suddenly, because I didn't realize its amazingness right from the beginning, but that drop is fucking sublime. The oooh-oooh-ooohs freaking crawl under my skin and make me feel so ecstatic. She looks like a proper pop star in the video as well." And slaybellz (9) adds "this is terrible relationship advice but still I bop."


  10. The last two eliminations are disgusting. How dare all of you.
  11. FUCK. It's gonna be freaking painful from now on.
  12. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

    Not fun to see three tracks I warmed too being trashed like that outside of the top 20. There are a few songs I wouldnot put in the top 20 but most of all my faves are there. Including my 11 so that is a victory in itself.

    By the way I am loving this pace and I am so stealing it for the Solange rate. I thought going so fast wouldnot work, but it actually does.
  13. At least my 11 making the Top 20 is a small victory!
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  14. Guy


    I Am looks seriously out of place in that top 20. The tour version is pretty spectacular (vocals! live band!), but the album version is pretty unremarkable.
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  15. I absolutely adore that one!! So you are telling me it is live even better. Let me go check!
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  16. I could've swapped High Heels and When Love Hurts with songs on top20, it hurts me a little bit that they missed it.
  17. RMK


    I'm okay with 'High Heels' going, but I expected different.
  18. Noooooo, how did Coming For You miss the top 20? I am coming for y'all!
  19. Fuck Apologies, Mad Love, Edibles and Good Thing will hopefully be out before the top 10.
  20. Other than Edibles you've listed the best 3 songs!
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