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JOJO: The Discography Rate - WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, May 15, 2017.

  1. Guy


    A JoJo rate was such a good idea in theory. What happened, guys?



  3. I love Like This but it's a bit basic.. but very top tier basic.
  4. RMK


    LIKE THIS is amazing, and is at the top fifteen atleast. I get it, ya'll have bad taste... but this isn't even reasonable. Is Too Little Too Late leaving next? What?

    @slaybellz Hide.
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  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    16. I Am
    Average: 8.471
    Highest Score: 10 (send photo, Sprockrooster, evilsin, Robsolete, Lost In Japan.)
    Lowest Score: 6 (Ghetto Princess)
    My Score: 7.5

    Mad Love's closing track is out next. This was one of the first tracks JoJo showcased before the album release, performing it on the I Am JoJo tour which supported III at the time. The live version is considerably beefed up compared to the album version, which features Jo's vocals, a piano, and nothing else.

    Positive comments all around for this one, although people understandably had qualms about the live version not being replicated in studio form. RMK (7.5) says it's her "Who You Are but better. The only thing missing here is drums; the live versions with percussion made the song feel much bigger". TRAVVV (8.5) adds "This song backs such a mean punch when performed live, but falls flat with this production. It feels too rushed almost, not intimate." Veeis (8.5) calls it "a beautiful ballad with very nice lyrics".

    And now onto our highest scorers. send photo says "this ballad is so beautiful and unappreciated considering it’s in the company of Music. Let me give it a bit of spotlight with a 10". Sprockrooster is "here for these Pretty Girl Rock-anthems. They tend to become overcooked easily, but she keeps it real." Yeah, there's something more genuine about this one compared to a song like Exceptional. Maybe because she's actually lived life this time.

    evilsin says "Gosh, her vocals are out of this world. This is almost a sequel to Music to me sound wise so the album begins and ends on a similar note. A great closer for the standard edition of the album". And Lost In Japan. caps it off with "TEARS JUST TEARS".


    15. Say Love
    Average: 8.488
    Highest Score: 11 (HollyDunnSomething) 10 (GhettoPrincess, Sprockrooster, munro, Lost In Japan., Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 5 (RainOnFire, ohnostalgia)
    My Score: 5

    Whew lord y'all. Until my good sis ohnostalgia came along, I was easily the lowest scorer of this song, with the next highest score being a 6.5. This song is like soggy bread to me. She can and has done so much better than this song, and I genuinely rate it like...a step above the JoJo album tracks. I almost hate it a little more because while she was chopping tracks in half left and right on tour (INCLUDING TOO LITTLE TOO LATE) this got a full uninterrupted showing, and it went down like a lead balloon.

    Literally everyone is here for it except for me I guess. send photo (9) is a "sucker for a good ballad and Jo always delivers. Vocals for days". Sprockrooster (9) lets us in his bedroom for a sec, saying "Great build-up and a delivering climax. All I want." Guy (9) says "Those notes on the first part of the chorus sound kinda off, but everything else is ace." And evilsin (8) says "The acapella ending really did that. Powerful."

    Highest scorer GhettoPrincess asks "Why has no one introduced me to this before? It’s completely gorgeous. This girl has so much emotion in her voice and it’s so powerful too. Damn my heart." munro says "she sings directly to my soul with this song, move me to tears queen." And Lost In Japan. calls it "One of my favourite showcases for her vocals. Insanely good."

    HollyDunnSomething can take us out: "There are a lot of Jojo songs I like and a few I love but none jumped straight out at me as a definite 11. When I looked at my list of favourites though there was no way I could give it to anything else. This song is stunning and the vocal is insane. I've never been in a situation where someone wouldn't say they loved me back but I really feel the frustration here." This almost makes me like it a little better.

  6. @RainOnFire you made a mistake. We are at 16 and 15. These songs are 6 and 5 in the countdown. It should be.
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  7. I Am should be a few places lower.
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  8. Damn it. This rate y'all.
  9. Don't try to play that card when you punched my 11 out yesterday with a horrible 4.
  10. I'm glad were finally cutting the rest of the dead weight now.
  11. Guy


    I cannot wrap my head around how we collectively decided Say Love and I Am are better ballads than Mad Love. Y'all are wack.

    Also, I would have given Disaster full marks, but I was so sure it was a contender to win the whole thing, so I knocked half a point off in an attempt to sabotage it....
  12. @RainOnFire @ohnostalgia I stand with you sistren. Say Love was the absolute low point of the tringle and actually made me question whether I was going to enjoy the album. The whiplash between Save My Soul (which remains a discography highlight) and Say Love right afterwards was real.

    Like with most of her songs, Jojo's voice is just stunning on the track. But the track itself is so dated and stodgy and old fashioned. It's just so basic in an uninteresting way, and I'm genuinely surprised so many people are here for it and that its done so well.

    Strip away her insane vocals and passionate vocal delivery, and you have a pretty mediocre melody paired with a fairly dated, uninteresting, static production.
  13. Awww gutted about I Am. What a vocal!

    Say Love is cute but it definitely shouldn't have been as high as it was.
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  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    14. Andre
    Average: 8.512
    Highest Score: 10 (RainOnFire, send photo, evilsin, TRAVVV, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 5.5 (munro)
    My Score: 10

    Say it with me now:


    In a just world, I always imagined Andre being her big flashy comeback single. It's fresh, it's cool, it's exciting, it's fun, it's everything. I still adore every second of it to this day.

    Sprockrooster (6) says that he "loves the 'refreshing' part". slaybellz (9) asks "can you believe she wrote an entire song about Andre 3000?". Honestly, being a fan of Jo over all these years...yeah, I definitely can!

    Highest scorer send photo shrieks that this "STILL GOES OFF. This is what I shared with people before Mad Love. came out" (actually same). Guy calls it "the perfect uptempo for this project. Love it" and evilsin says "I'm hooked just by those flutes in the beginning not to mention the Ah-ah-ah-ah-Andre in the chorus. Celestial sounding song with those pretty sprinkles throughout and otherworldly middle 8 and ending." Yas.

    And here goes my 11...

    13. Edibles
    Average: 8.558
    Highest Score: 11 (RainOnFire) 10 (send photo, Robsolete, TRAVVV, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 5 (GhettoPrincess)
    My Score: 11

    If you asked me why I gave this my 11...honestly, all I can say is "I really love this song" and not much else. Usually with every rate I participate in, there's a key reason why a certain song got my 11. For this one...I just really love it, and for some reason I felt drawn to give this my 11 when there are a good 20-30 songs in this rate that I could also say "I really love this song". I don't know why. Sometimes all a song needs to do is make you feel a certain type of way, and Edibles does that for me.

    Veeis (8) calls it "gorgeous", adding "I wasn't a fan of it at the beginning, but after a few months I finally see the potential here." evilsin can't #relate but says "I've never been baked (that one time it didn't have any effect on me) and had cravings for edibles, but this is so enticing that she might have convinced me to try and find myself a man to attempt this sometime in the future again!" Queen of setting a good example!

    slaybellz (9.5) calls it "her sexiest song after Demonstrate", and highest scorer send photo is here for Jo's Pinterest board, saying "the aesthetic tho".​
  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator



    Average: 7.239

    14. Andre – 8.512
    32. Can’t Handle the Truth – 7.588
    35. Billions – 7.412
    39. Back2thebeginningagain – 7.294
    44. We Get By – 7.118
    54. Take the Canyon – 6.600
    62. White Girl In Paris – 6.147

    Highest Scorers:
    1. TRAVVV - 9.786
    2. Guy - 8.429
    3. ohnostalgia - 8.143
    4. Elysium - 7.914
    5. evilsin & slaybellz - 7.857

    Lowest Scorers:
    1. HollyDunnSomething - 5.571
    2. RMK - 5.786
    3. munro - 6.071
    4. Sprockrooster - 6.143
    5. Veeis - 6.357​
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  16. I should've given Andre a solid 10, I regret it now.
    EDIT: Jesus I'm on lowest scorers again for Agape. But for Mad Love I will be on highest!
  17. And again... it gucking hurts, man! I mean all the songs left are amazing, but still. I wonder when I losing my 11 to you, heathens, though.
  18. Guy


    Ideally, the rest of the results will go something like:

    13 - Anything
    12 - Marvin's Room
    11 - Good Thing
    10 - Clovers
    09 - Baby It's You
    08 - Leave
    07 - Too Little Too Late
    06 - Music
    05 - Save My Soul
    04 - Fuck Apologies
    03 - FAB
    02 - Honest
    01 - Mad Love

    Although, anything from my top 6 could take the crown and I'd be more than happy.

    And yes, I know Mad Love was technically already eliminated, but my gut is telling me it still has a shot at winning this thing!
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