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JOJO: The Discography Rate - WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, May 15, 2017.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I haven't seen this one being brought up as a possible elimination now, so maybe it's a shocker?

    7. Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)
    Average: 8.941
    Highest Score: 10 (Sprockrooster, slaybellz, TRAVVV, Lost In Japan., ohnostalgia, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 6 (evilsin)
    My Score: 10

    And our last extra falls.

    Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better) is a cover/response song of Drake's Marvin's Room, which was featured on his 2011 album Take Care and charted at #21 on the Hot 100. Jo's version of the song was the first of many freestyle/remixes of Marvin's Room, and actually went viral, garnering over 46 million views on YouTube (which isn't a lot these days, but in 2011 it was!). In fact, as a result, JoJo briefly switched lanes for that mythical third album before Mad Love came to life, hence the sonic shift from Disaster to Demonstrate.

    Drake himself thanked all of the artists for their various interpretations, and amazingly enough singled out JoJo's version as the best (rightfully so): "In JoJo's case, she actually took the time to write really potent new lyrics. It was really shocking, I think, for her audience since throughout her career she's been kind of stereotyped as this teen pop star and then she comes out with this different kind of substance. It's very rare that people take your song and do it over like that." Yas Drake stan for your life (Now can you feature her on a single or something? Help a sis out.)

    Before we get into the commentary, let me highlight this:

    Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
    She's not crazy like me, I bet you like that
    Fuck that new girl that's been in your bed
    And when you're in her
    I know I'm in your head

    I mean.


    "I love that she brought this out for the tour" send photo (9) says (I think it's probably her most recognizable song after Leave and Too Little Too Late, right?) and lowest scorer evilsin has yet to hear the original, but still considers this to be "nice and relaxing, yet intense at the same time". RMK (8) says that he "prefers this over Drake's version. It's just amazing".

    "I love the original too, but this is seriously better" highest scorer Sprockrooster says, and slaybellz adds "Such a good cover, she really made it her own. Whenever I listen to the original I always want to sing 'there's something strong in this water bottle'".

    And lastly, Lost In Japan. says "Part of me really wants to give this my 11, it’s my most played JoJo song and I adore it. One of the best cover versions (if you can call it that?) of all time? I think so. I was absolutely screaming the lyrics out when she did this on the Mad Love. Tour, they are the perfect #relatable content. Drake is shook and will never be this great."​
  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member



    Average: 7.651

    7. Marvin’s Room (Can't Do Better) – 8.941
    18. Disaster – 8.441
    28. Demonstrate – 7.912
    40. Sexy to Me – 7.294
    42. The Other Chick – 7.235
    63. Secret Love – 6.076

    Highest Scorers:
    1. TRAVVV - 9.333
    2. Lost In Japan. - 8.75
    3. Elysium - 8.3
    4. Robsolete - 8.25
    5. RainOnFire - 8.083

    Lowest Scorers:
    1. send photo - 6.083
    2. slaybellz - 6.417
    3. evilsin - 6.833
    4. Veeis - 7.083
    5. GhettoPrincess & munro - 7.167​
  3. Guy


    I've been up three days,
    Adderall and Redbull

    Is about 1000x more iconic than the original's opening line.
  4. RMK


    No... Clovers can go at #6. It should be out already... What? Why is THIS the song everyones held onto? It's JoJo's fave... I'm surprised it's everyones.
  5. Did you SEE her live? That song was the most iconic opener I've seen in a long time!
  6. RMK


    No. That doesn't effect how it sounds within the album, with all the production elements.
  7. I should've sabotaged Music.
    Also, Anything should be top5.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    6. Clovers
    Average: 8.953
    Highest Score: 11 (evilsin) 10 (send photo, Veeis, TRAVVV, ohnostalgia)
    Lowest Score: 7 (GhettoPrincess, RMK, HollyDunnSomething)
    My Score: 7.5

    Clovers is our highest-rated bonus track in the rate as it just misses the Top 5. It was first title JoJo had for the album, until (I'm assuming) Jo changed her mind after the song was placed on the deluxe.

    Now, don't get me wrong - I like Clovers. After all, I gave it a 7.5 which is not a bad score at all. That second verse is a career highlight (I love how it has a completely different melody from the first verse). And lyrically this is so poignant, as it details JoJo finding the light at the end of the tunnel after years of depression, compared to a song like Just a Dream where she can't escape.

    But regardless of all of that...really guys? This is what you'd rank as Top 10 material? This is what you'd rank as one of the Top 3 tracks on Mad Love? This just made it way too far in the rate for my liking.

    Everyone's commentary is glowing, I can say that much. "This alone warrants the deserving purchase of the deluxe version" Sprockrooster (9) says, while Veeis calls it "one of the contenders to my 11" and adds "it's one of the kind, really interesting, and I love overall vibe of that."

    send photo says "I’ll never forget the rush of her busting onto stage as this opens. What a feeling. The production is so captivating and lyrically I think we can all relate. I don’t even care about the ‘feels” line" (so true, that was a captivating entrance) and slaybellz (9.5) highlights their favourite lyrics: "'Went a little crazy yesterday. Everybody saw, but it's okay. Swimming in a river of my feels. Looking in the mirror, like what's the deal.' The delivery on that entire verse is so smooth!" (also true).

    And lastly, evilsin, take us out: "Someone might remember how close to home this one hit me once after the release in JoJo's thread. The lyrics are just so real. Thank you, JoJo, you're an angel for helping people out. I know this album was a closure for yourself, but it inevitably helped, I'm sure, so many people. AND DON'T YOU THINK I'LL FORGET TO MENTION THAT FUCKING SECOND VERSE WITH THE KEY CHANGE. Fuck me up so good, Joanna, fuck me up. The weird altered voice/sound is me listening to this. HALP. Don't."​
  9. It is absolutely amazing a bonustrack is able to make it this far. Not surprising at all with 'Clovers'.
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  10. I would have never guessed that "Save My Soul" would have made it Top 5 honestly. That song is so forgetable to me.
  11. Clovers making top 10 is absolutely baffling to me. Never been a stand-out on the album... unlike MAD LOVE which y'all messily kicked out far too early. The album's best song. And I'm not over Say Love going so early either, that was very nearly my 11.
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  12. It's my least favourite from 'III'.
  13. Iii's actually a fantastic EP theaux.
  14. Guy


    Some of the opinions in this thread are sickening. Save My Soul would be a more than worthy winner.

    Too bad with every premature elimination (wink) it becomes more and more obvious that y'all basic-ass individuals are going to send Too Little Too Late or Leave to the top spot. Just know I have an extremely childish temper tantrum brewing for when that happens.
  15. I'm glad Clovers made it this far as punishment for you all kicking Mad Love out far too early. Ha.
  16. I can't at ya'll being mad over her two most iconic songs making it to the top.

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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    5. Save My Soul
    Average: 9.012
    Highest Score: 11 (munro) 10 (send photo, evilsin, Robsolete, TRAVVV, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 6.5 (slaybellz)
    My Score: 8.5

    Save My Soul rightfully becomes your highest-rated track from III (and also becomes our first song to hit the elusive 9 point barrier!). It was the last of the three tracks to receive a music video, which was released as a tribute to JoJo's father, Joel Levesque, who passed away from his drug addiction in late 2015.

    This song took on a whole new meaning for me after the video/JoJo's father passing. Before I had acknowledged it as the best track on III but still barely used it, but the lyrics speak to me more now and I'm really glad it made the Top 10.

    Praise all around for this, and with good reason. send photo calls it "gorgeous, heartbreaking, beautiful". RMK (9) says "this could've easily been a slow ballad, but she made it into an energetic pop song with the same sad emotion. Beautiful song." So true.

    "Stuck in my head instantly and I do not want it to leave it" Sprockrooster (9) says, and evilsin gets his life: "FUCK ME UP, JOANNA, NOW WOULD YOU? I can't at this being about her father, so emotional! And those stunning oh-Lord-nah-nah-nah-yeah in the chorus are just gorgeous. Somehow reminds me of Madonna's Devil Pray."

    And lastly, munro shares the story behind his 11: "Goosebumps, every single time. This is such a stunning song. When I met JoJo I told her how much I loved the song and then she promised me she’d perform it as part of the show for me, she actually did and blew me a kiss as I stood at the barrier crying like an idiot, kii." Amazing.

  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member



    Average: 8.569

    5. Save My Soul – 9.012
    15. Say Love – 8.488
    21. When Love Hurts – 8.206

    Highest Scorers:
    1. Elysium - 10
    2. Sprockrooster, munro & Remorque - 9.667
    3. Lost In Japan. - 9.5
    4. evilsin - 9.333
    5. HollyDunnSomething - 9

    Lowest Scorers:
    1. RainOnFire (oops) & ohnostalgia - 6.5
    2. slaybellz - 7.333
    3. GhettoPrincess - 7.667
    4. RMK - 8
    5. Veeis - 8.333​
  19. Fucking finally! And look at that i'm the lowest scorer.
  20. No idea why I didn't give that one a 10 actually (it was a 9.5 from me). The whole Tringle was such a fantastic project though - could very easily have been three 10s as opposed to 10 / 9 / 9.5.
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