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JOJO: The Discography Rate - WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RainOnFire, May 15, 2017.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Alright friends.

    The time is now.

    A stone-cold classic from 2006.

    A fan-favourite classic from an album that was ten years in the making.

    Too Little Too Late vs. FAB.

    Your winner is....

    1. Too Little Too Late
    Average: 9.882
    Highest Score: 11 (GhettoPrincess, Robsolete, Remorque) 10 (RainOnFire, send photo, RMK, Veeis, Elysium, evilsin, munro, slaybellz, TRAVVV, Lost In Japan., HollyDunnSomething)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (Sprockrooster)
    My Score: 10

    It was always going to come down to this.

    Too Little Too Late, released all the way back in 2006, was the lead single from JoJo's second album The High Road. Aside from the fact that it's absolutely fucking amazing and still sounds fresh 11 years later today, it also is one of the very few titles in history to hold the record for biggest jump on the Hot 100 ever, as it catapulted from #66 to #3 in one week, becoming JoJo's first (and only...for now I hope) Top 10 single. The record was later broken a number of times as the years went on, currently being held by Kelly Clarkson with My Life Would Suck Without You's stratospheric jump from #97 to #1. Too Little Too Late is also JoJo's most successful single in the UK, becoming her third Top 10 single peaking at #4 (Leave peaked higher at #2, but Too Little Too Late has sold more in the long run).

    What else is there to say? I can't even be mad about an 11-year-old song winning the rate when it's as staggeringly good as Too Little Too Late. Honestly I'm just super glad a Mad Love track even made it to the finale! I pared my score down for Leave (Get Out) but I just couldn't for this song, it deserves every point it got. send photo is right with me, saying "I can't bring myself to scale this one down. I'm sorry". Girl, don't be.

    The adlibs are undoubtedly iconic, and I'm glad some of the comments reflected that. evilsin says "*imitates JoJo* WOAH! One of the easiest 10s ever" and slaybellz adds "'It's just too little too late a little too wrong, and I can't wait, but you know all the right things to say (WOO! WOO! woo woo)' The ad libs and high notes in this song are EVERYTHING. This was so close to being my 11 but I know it will do well anyway."

    "Whenever 14/15 year olds go on talent shows and they tell them how great their voices are I always think 'yeah, but not JoJo Too Little Too Late great'. So impressive for someone her age to pull off a song like this, perfect lead single choice" HollyDunnSomething says, while TRAVVV adds "This is a perfect example of label repeat formula gone right. While not as strong of a song as her debut single, I’m so happy Blackground went for another ballad as a lead. Say what you want about their shitty ways, but they certainly help Jojo find massive hits early on."

    And GhettoPrincess gets the last word. "What a classic. I always have to singalong to this, I can remember the music video by heart and it really was HER MOMENT! That powerful big note after the middle 8 followed by those heavenly ad-libs and amazing whistle notes. WOW WOW WOW."

  2. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    And presenting our runner-up!
    2. FAB

    Average: 9.588

    Highest Score: 10 (RainOnFire, send photo, RMK, Sprockrooster, Elysium, evilsin, munro, TRAVVV, Lost In Japan., Guy, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 8 (GhettoPrincess)
    My Score: 10

    FAB was released as the second promotional single from Mad Love. It sort of became the unofficial second single from the album, as it received a music video. JoJo expressed her interest in this being a full single on Twitter, but the inability to make a decent-sounding clean radio edit most likely got in the way.

    You can see by the averages that Too Little Too Late always had it in the bag (9.882 vs. 9.588) but I'm so proud of this song for making it this far! While I thought Honest would be the highest-rated track from Mad Love, it makes sense to me that it's this. It's just that one song we can all agree on as being a gigantic unshakeable monster bop, no questions asked.

    "This is probably the most single-sounding song on the album, shame they can’t figure out a radio friendly version for it. Definitely my go-to for replay" send photo says, while RMK is ready to snatch, saying that it's "easily one of her best songs. Prepped to drag anyone who thinks otherwise".

    Sprockrooster dusts off his Remy Ma stan card, saying "Normally not here for these type of songs, but damn this FAB. I stanned for the terror squad in the mid 00's (Yes, I know shocking), but I kind of lost them in time. Remy Ma brings me completely back and here I am ready to spin 'True Story' after this album is finished. YES!", while munro is here for her as well, saying "Remy and JoJo are an amazing pairing".

    Veeis (9) calls it a "hot one", adding that it's "really addictive and I'm glad that we at least got a video for it." evilsin says "God I love this to bits. The attitude, the metaphors, the lyrics, the Remy's verse. So good". And lastly, slaybellz (9) highlights the most iconic lyrics: "When they eating all the food off your plate and they don't do dishes". YAS.

  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member



    Average: 7.421
    Average (Deluxe): 7.135

    1. Too Little Too Late – 9.882
    8. Anything – 8.853
    23. Coming for You – 8.118
    26. Let It Rain – 7.941
    30. This Time – 7.706
    31. The Way You Do Me – 7.676
    38. The High Road – 7.371
    47. How to Touch a Girl – 7.029
    49. Like That – 6.988
    50. Good Ol’ – 6.941
    58. I Can Take You There – 6.312
    61. Get It Poppin’ – 6.176
    66. Exceptional – 5.783
    69. Do Whatcha Gotta Do – 5.500
    77. Note to God – 4.747

    Highest Scorers:
    1. Robsolete - 8.5
    2. Elysium - 8.425
    3. TRAVVV - 8.417
    4. RainOnFire - 8.375
    5. Sprockrooster - 8.208

    Lowest Scorers:
    1. munro - 6
    2. Veeis - 6.125
    3. send photo - 6.375
    4. RMK - 6.458
    5. evilsin - 6.917

    Highest Scorers (Deluxe):
    1. TRAVVV - 8.467
    2. Robsolete - 8.133
    3. Elysium - 7.96
    4. RainOnFire & Sprockrooster - 7.933
    5. Remorque - 7.633

    Lowest Scorers (Deluxe):
    1. Veeis - 5.833
    2. munro - 6.067
    3. send photo - 6.033
    4. RMK - 6.4
    5. evilsin - 6.8​
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member



    Average: 8.575
    Average (Deluxe): 8.497

    2. FAB – 9.588
    4. Music – 9.029
    6. Clovers – 8.953
    9. Good Thing – 8.735
    10. Honest – 8.735
    11. Fuck Apologies – 8.735
    13. Edibles – 8.500
    16. I Am – 8.471
    17. Like This – 8.441
    19. Mad Love – 8.382
    20. I Can Only – 8.235
    22. High Heels – 8.176
    25. Vibe – 7.971
    27. Rise Up – 7.941
    34. Reckless – 7.500

    Highest Scorers:
    1. Guy - 9.409
    2. send photo & Lost In Japan. - 9.227
    3. RainOnFire - 9.182
    4. Remorque - 9.045
    5. TRAVVV - 8.909

    Lowest Scorers:
    1. GhettoPrincess - 6.818
    2. slaybellz - 7.636
    3. Veeis - 8.136
    4. Elysium - 8.318
    5. Sprockrooster - 8.364

    Highest Scorers (Deluxe):
    1. Lost In Japan. - 9.133
    2. TRAVVV & evilsin - 9
    3. send photo - 8.967
    4. Guy - 8.9
    5. Remorque - 8.867

    Lowest Scorers (Deluxe):
    1. GhettoPrincess - 6.667
    2. slaybellz - 7.867
    3. Veeis - 8.1
    4. Sprockrooster - 8.2
    5. HollyDunnSomething - 8.233​
  5. Yay congrats "Too Little Too Late"! What a well deserved winner.

    Great rate @RainOnFire! Really reminded me how much of a JoJo stan I really am.
  6. Also this is my favourite leaked demo. Haven't seen anyone mention this one yet.

  7. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's still kinda crazy to me that about a third of the songs we've rated here came about purely because of JoJo and her passion to keep her name out there and get material out there, while she was so tightly contractually bound that she couldn't officially put out albums. I say it over and over, but really, I will never stop admiring her sheer hustle and determination to come out of this label battle stronger than ever.

    And so on that note - THANK YOU to the 16 of you beautiful souls who took the time to rate 80 songs and take part in this rate. I hadn't run a rate in exactly two years till I decided to jump back in with this one. And truth be told, I don't know if I'll run another one again, but I'm super grateful that I did this rate. It's really solidified JoJo as one of my all-time faves, and after the wild and crazy journey that we've been on with her over the past ten years, I can safely say that I'm in it with her for the long haul and I absolutely cannot wait to see what she delivers next!
  8. Two 10s from me but I am very happy with that winner, a stone cold classic.

    Yas. I had no idea I stanned this album so hard until it came to rating it, and I found it hard to give any song less than like a 9.

    Thank you for running this rate, @RainOnFire! You ran a rate worthy of Jojo's amazing material in a way only a dedicated fan could.
  9. I didnot see this coming. This victory and me being the lowest scorer for the winner with a 7.5! And I do not know why I remember this but back when @RainOnFire the Kelly Clarkson rate I was the lowest scorer for the winner 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' too with an 8. So two times in a rate from RainonFire. They say two times is coincidence. Three times is a pattern. Very curious for your next @RainOnFire cause this was expected fabulous hosting. Great pace and I am glad I made several discoveries!

    One more thing. I am lowest scorer for the Mad Love album with an 8.3? That says it all.
  10. Guy


    Urgh. I fucking LOVE Too Little Too Late with all of my heart, and I just couldn't bring myself to sabotage it more than lowering my 10 to a 9, but like, why should the general public re-invest in her if after 11 years even her FANS don't think she's topped her biggest mainstream hit that she recorded at fourteen.

    That being said, I'm still so glad I took part in this, and you can sign me up for any of your future rates, @RainOnFire!

  11. The best song won, so happy for my 11 and thanks so much for running this rate @RainOnFire. There's been some amazing discoveries made and that voice from JoJo is just undeniable. I'll always be rooting for her.
    RainOnFire likes this.
  12. @ohnostalgia where is your 10 for Too Holy Too Flawless?

    @RainOnFire another truly well run rate sis. I'm sorry for not getting my votes in on time. Life is just kinda crazy right now, but it was such a pleasure following along.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
  13. I just knew I'd be high scorer for the debut!

    Also, notifications turned off for this thread just as you announced the top 3... <Kandy Ho What The Fuck gif>
  14. Fantastic rate, thanks for hosting it @RainOnFire! I will certainly be taking inspiration for my Atomic Kitten discography rate (that's Atomic Kitten discography rate, ding!).
    RainOnFire likes this.
  15. Ah so that's why I missed all my highest scorer notifications in the Adele rate!
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  16. I didn't think a 10 year old song should win from when she was fourteen. But alas.

    I'm glad I voted in an elusive rate from the legendary @RainOnFire though!
  17. What a ride this was, @RainOnFire! Thank you so much for hosting, a worthy winnerwe got indeed.
    RainOnFire likes this.
  18. That was a great rate @RainOnFire and I had so much fun participating in it. Good job!
    RainOnFire likes this.
  19. Just caught up. First of all, thanks to @RainOnFire for doing this, another amazing rate as expected from you.

    What a winner! Yeah, it might be 11 years old but it's a stone cold classic and one of the best pop songs of all time, so it more than deserved it.

    Not that I needed it, but this rate was a nice reminder not only of what an incredible singer she, but what an amazing woman in general. I adore her so much. One of my favourite people in music, without question.
  20. RMK


    It's so satisfying FAB. made it to number two.
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