Jojo - Too Little Too Late

I can't say I'm excited about it. She just annoyed me to the end of my rope last time around...I don't think I can go through this again. Besides...last time she was a bit more pop sounding...and I just have a feeling this next album will be totally void of all traces of actual pop sounding music.

I'll pass at this point.

Now I absolutely LOVE a bit of JoJo.

But, is it me, or is this new song completely autotuned to death? It's like she's singing through a vocoder the whole time.

Nice song and everything, but she doesn't need her vocals over-processed like that. Trying to be a little bit too perfect I suspect.
jojo has a strong voice, her first album was amazing she had solid tracks "never gonna say goodbye" , "the happy song" and the unreleased track 'secret love" could have been hits... she just had too much of a urban sound for some ... 'not that kind of girl" was a mistake.... that ruined alot for the album.
I think this is an ace song!
Reminds me of something Brandy/Kiley Dean have released
Brilliant choruses!

Jojo will be a star of the future
She is with the people who made Aaliyah a star at the age of 15, who have her best interests at heart
And she is vocally superior then most female singers and her debut album had more hits then misses.
Yeah her voice really has matured! The more I listen to the song, the more I love it! It will definatley be a top 10 hit.
I love her new song. I am proud of her. I don't regret to wait for her new song. It's so amazing. I love her "Anything" too. Now, I'm waiting for her new album.
I really disliked her first album aside from 'Yes Or No' but once again, this is very good. The lyrics are very typical but it's quite ambient if you listen closely.


This song is good, however, its JoJo that is the problem for me, I like my popstars slightly older. She's only like 15, right? I say 17 is a great age to have your first hit, like Britney.