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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Resi12, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. JoJo - All I Want Is Everything

    1. The Other Chick
    2. Disaster
    3. Lie To Me
    4. In The Dark
    5. Jumping Trains
    6. Sexy To Me
    7. Heart Never Had A Hero
    8. Paper Airplanes
    9. Last Heart Standing
    10. All I Want Is Everything
    11. Can't Take That Away From Me
    12. Pretty Please

    Bonus Tracks:
    13. Lose Control
    14.Running On Empty
    15. Boy Without A heart

    1.The Other Chick
    2. Lie To Me
    3. Disaster
    4. In The Dark
    5. Jumping Trains
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  2. What a great little gift, she should've kicked off her career away from Blackground by putting it out on iTunes though because I would've certainly bought this for the gorgeous artwork alone!
  3. I have never heard this and it's totally rare for me to love something so much after one listen, much less from a live version! Living for it! There's really no studio version?
  4. What a pleasant surprise. I really like Take Me Home a lot!
  5. #LOVEJO has completely quelled my fears that she'll end up on the scrapheap after a poor attempt at transitioning into the current market. She absolutely has what it takes and I hope she brings more hip hop and R&B back.
  6. Take Me Home & Glory are just phenomenal. I'm so much in #Love(Jo)!
  7. Take me Home remind me of Nelly Furtado's Say it Right.
    I'm really liking this EP, but I think that track is the one that will last for me.
    Even though Jojo asserts that she's an 'ordinary man'(?) - It is a cover though after all.

    All in all, very pleased she's got new material out. You can tell she comes from a rap/ RnB background if even her EP has an 'intro' though. ;)
  8. The EP is really good, Take Me Home is beautiful.

    I've got her three EPs/mixtapes, so are the other songs all leaks? Or has she released other music elsewhere?
  9. Also, are Disaster, Sexy To Me and Demonstrate available in the UK anywhere?
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    This EP though. Phenomenal. I'm just so excited for this girl and her future.
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  11. She is on the Pharrell album, on the interlude 'Freq'
  12. Oh, shame she's not credited!
  13. Take Me Home might just be the best thing I've heard this year, it's so damn good.
  14. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I feel bad that she's not credited. It would've been a great way to get her name back out there.
  15. She performed at SXSW. Haven't seen any full videos, but this rehearsal footage popped up on YouTube. What a voice!


    And this bit of "Caught Up In The Rapture."
  16. My heart skips every time this thread gets a boost. I cannot wait for the day I open it (or boost it myself) with news about a single or album.

    "Take Me Home" / the #LoveJo EP continues to be amazing, and remains one of my favorite things released this year.
  17. She needs to work with Mike Will, The-Dream and Timbaland strictly on an album.

    I want songs like Loveeeeeee Song, I Luv Your Girl and Strawberry Bubblegum production wise. Smooth, intricate R&B/Pop songs.
  18. As long as she doesn't release basic R&B.
  19. Some new Jojo news.
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