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Jon Hopkins, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. The sequel to 2013's immaculate talented brilliant amazing show-stopping top 20 albums of all time stone cold modern classic Immunity has finally materialized on the horizon, it seems.

  2. I’m glad someone else here is a fan. The new song is enthralling and the video is beautiful and joyous too.

    I’m more than ready for new Jon Hopkins music. Saying that, I’ve only listened to Immunity and the How I Live Now soundtrack so let me do some back catalogue exploring.

    This is one of my favourite pieces of music. Hairs stand up every time:

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  3. I really like the Insides album, especially Vessel. I never got the following album for some reason. I’ll have to check it out.

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  4. Singularity is out on May 4th via Domino, the first single is "Emerald Rush";

    He's also announced a European tour as well as upcoming festival appearances!
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  5. [​IMG]

    Singularity begins and ends on the same note: a universe beginning, expanding, and contracting towards the same infinitesimal point. Where Immunity charted the dark alternative reality of an epic night out, Singularity explores the dissonance between dystopian urbanity and the green forest. It is a journey that returns to where it began — from the opening note of foreboding to the final sound of acceptance.

    Shaped by Hopkins' experiences with meditation and trance states, the album flows seamlessly from rugged techno to transcendent choral music, from solo acoustic piano to psychedelic ambient. Its epic musical palette is visceral and emotionally honest: with a destructive opener full of industrial electronics and sonic claustrophobia and a redemptive, pure end on solo piano.

    Singularity explores the connectivity of the mind, sonics and the natural world as it reflects the different psychological states Hopkins experienced while writing and recording. It is a transformative trip of defiance from his initial sense of frustration at the state of the contemporary world to the ultimate conclusion that a true sense of peace and belonging can only come from nature.

    Singularity is intended to be listened to in one sitting, as a complete body of work.

    1. Singularity
    2. Emerald Rush
    3. Neon Pattern Drum
    4. Everything Connected
    5. Feel First Life
    6. C O S M
    7. Echo Dissolve
    8. Luminous Beings
    9. Recovery

  6. Perched, although when I read "Singularity is intended to be listened to in one sitting, as a complete body of work." my cynical ass instantly thought GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.
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  7. A bit perched for this really. This was the year that I was going to explore pop music and be less judgmental about it. It's March, i've stopped listening to pop music and now I need some clean beats to wash the gross away.
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  8. Man of the Woods, ha impact.

    Seriously though, I’m looking forward to this. “Emerald Rush” is everything I wanted and more.
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  9. The song he did with Natasha Khan is outstanding. I was hoping for another on here... oh well.
  10. ‘Emerald Rush’ is a BANGER.
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  11. Hold me

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  12. Emerald Rush is doing things to me that a lot of music has failed to do this year.

    It's also quite old school Royksopp.
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  13. Phew.

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  14. The album has leaked
  15. Does anyone else think Everything Connected sounds just like Open Eye Signal? I mean that was a highlight from Immunity so I'm happy for more of the same, but not 'exactly' the same.
  16. It's more reminiscent of "Breathe This Air" to these ears, but not detrimentally so.

    The album's out now, so I'm hoping to give it a 'spin' over the next few days. Apropos of nothing but does anyone else find Jon Hopkins tracks make the best soundtrack to commuting?
  17. This is incredible. Certainly in the same vein as Immunity... but if it’s this good I don’t care. “Singularity” is a brilliant opener.
  18. It’s 4.99 on iTunes now (and at #6 on the iTunes chart).
    I still need to get around to listening to it.
  19. Top 10 in the UK!
  20. So this isn't quite the universe shattering revelation that Immunity was, but it's still very good, isn't it? The balance between the really hard hitting stuff and the softer moments seems a little off (the comedown of the second half feels a little too drawn out). And apart from "Emerald Rush" and maybe the title track, there isn't something to match a "Breathe This Air", "Abandon Window" or "Immunity". But what is there is flawlessly produced, and when it works (e.g. the first three track run; "Everything Connected" transitioning to "Feel First Life"; parts of "Luminous Beings") hoo boy it works. I should really test it out during a trip though, kii.
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