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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. I finally listened to this earlier and I think it's an enjoyable album for the summer months.

    I Believe is a moment.
  2. It's 2019 and I Believe is the first Jonas Brothers song I've felt like I needed to buy immediately. What a timeline.
  3. Then singing their stupid amended lyrics whilst Busted sing the original lyrics was a mess
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  4. I wasn’t going to listen to the album as I hadn’t connected to their solo endevours before, but damn, you guys made me listen to I Believe and it’s immense? I’ll be checking the album for sure.
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  5. The album is cute fun and very DNCE, which is a very good thing in my opinion.
  6. I Believe and Strangers are the highlights here. The whole album is good in actuality. Almost makes me want to go see them on tour but I could never.
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  7. Echoing the I Believe love here. They’re all competent musicians so I hope everything’s just beginning for them.
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  8. I’m... I don’t even know how to process this

  9. It's a really good album. It mixes DNCE and Nick's music perfectly.
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  10. Toe-curling. I know it’s promo but echoes of them saying they outgrow their TV show in the Chasing Happiness documentary ring here.

    More gay-baiting thirst photoshoots a la Nick’s solo career than embarrassing attempts at humour please.

  11. Sounds fun.
  12. Watching the documentary now. Kevin comes off like an incredibly sweet guy and I still wanna smash Joe.
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  13. That guitar riff in Trust reminds me so much of another song. I'd say a Kings Of Leon song but I can't remember which one, ugh!

    Cool is actually a decent song but not for a single, there are better songs. It sounds too familiar with bunch other laid back pop sings.

    Anyway, its a pretty good album. Just like everyone says, a nice bland of DNCE and Nick which is a good thing in my book because I liked their solo efforts.
  14. The song they recorded on Songland is out.

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  15. For some reason, I thought Nick didn’t come across very well which I found surprising
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  16. Absolutely agreed. He came off surprisingly domineering and arrogant. I didn't expect Joe to be so open and honest about his emotional side.
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  17. So they are releasing all their albums on vinyl, including the unreleased album with Pom Poms from the aborted reunion in 2013. They are knocking it out of the park in terms of fan service. I presume they'll release said album on digital platforms too?
  18. Description says it’s exclusive to the vinyl
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  19. Probably will come to digital at a later date to incentivize ordering the bundle. Cool that Joe's (underrated) solo album is getting a release too.
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  20. The 16 year old stan in me jumped out and got the deluxe vinyl membership as soon as an option for payment plans were made available dd

    They did clarify that none of this will be available digitally.

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