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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Why is First only a bonus track?

  2. The bops just keep coming.
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  3. Having listened to the album properly, Sucker aside, I think the best tracks are Happy When I'm Sad (brilliant; should be the next single), Don't Throw It Away, Rollercoaster and First.
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  4. "Only Human" is the next single and already the most added song on pop radio in the US.
  5. Only human is that summer bop I never knew I needed and really didn't expect to find it on a Jonas brothers album of all places
  6. I enjoy this more and more each time I listen. It's very solid.
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  7. I heard Cool on the radio and didn't realize how much of the Jonas Brothers Cinematic Universe I actually knew, despite only ever really paying attention to Nick's solo career after the thirst traps.
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  8. Exactly what I was wanting to post. Lots of great bops here. Considering how corny they were seen as during their Disney days, this comes off as (dare I say it) cool but still very on-brand. I’m surprised how much I’ve taken to them this time around.

    I Believe is all kinds of fantastic.
  9. I don’t agree with the word “plagiarize” here, but this is kind of amazing regardless

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  10. That is amazing, but as you say I don't think plagiarise is the right word. I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find sections of other songs to fit over any song in that way. There are only so many chords and combinations of chord changes after all. At least the melodies themselves are not the same.

    In any case, none of those clips sound as good as Sucker!
  11. Rubbish video. Mediocre song. Would have much preferred “I believe”
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  12. I love the song AND the video. It's certainly far from the best on the album (Don't Throw It Away should have been the next single), but it's still a bop & a major improvement from Cool. I appreciate the commitment to aesthetics for this video; it actually looks like it was shot in the 80s. There's nothing else to it, but I don't need/expect more from these guys.
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  13. "Don't Throw It Away" should be ALL the next singles.

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  14. There’s not a single scene in that video where I’m not devistatingly attracted to Joe.

    That being said, Sucker was such an incredible start I’m thoroughly shocked they’ve not had anything remotely as good as that to push as a single.

    Only Human

    It just gets slightly more drab each time.
  15. I approve this message.

    I enjoyed the video and I like the song but there are stronger songs I wanted as the next single. Hopefully they still release Don't Throw It Away.
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  16. "Only Human" is my favourite song on "Happiness Begins" by far. Glad it got a video.

  17. They really snapped on this one
  18. Okay but Only Human is super groovy and nice. I've yet to see the video but the song's been on repeat for a bit now.
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  19. They’ve started the Happiness Begins tour now too.

    1. "Rollercoaster"
    2. "S.O.S"
    3. "Cool"
    4. "Only Human"
    5. "Strangers"
    6. "That's Just the Way We Roll"
    7. "Fly With Me"
    8. "Used To Be"
    9. "Hesitate"
    10. "Can't Have You" (Fan request)
    11. "Jealous"
    12. "Cake by the Ocean"
    13. "Comeback"
    14. "When You Look Me in the Eyes"
    15. "I Believe"
    16. "Mandy" / "Paranoid" / "Got Me Going Crazy" / "Play My Music" / "World War III" / "Hold On" / "Tonight"
    17. "Lovebug"
    18. "Year 3000"
    1. "Burnin' Up"
    2. "Sucker"

    I would have liked a few more deep cuts included but overall it’s a good setlist.
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