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Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins + Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. It was used to great effect for the Neighbours promo for when Izzy came back......

    I don't particularly see the similarities (and certainly no more than many other pop songs sound alike), and I do t think it's great look for them to be retweeting a million tweets about it.
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  2. RMK


    I agree, I think it was extra on their part, but using the word 'similarity' connects to the two cases. That was it dd I'm just as extra
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  3. Feel It Still is great and this song is kinda trash + the lead singer of Portugal. The Man is hot so my messy gay ass will take their side just for a kii.
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  4. Meanwhile, I remain wishing I'd never heard of Portugal. The Man or Feel It Still (while loving this basic Jonas bop), so I'll stay messily biased on the other side.
  5. I will continue to find 70% of your opinions baffling but still support your iconic presence on this forum.

  6. You can tell Nick thinks he’s all that but damn, that boy can spit in my face and split me in half.
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  7. I hate it about myself but I legitimately have the biggest dumbass crush on Joe Jonas.
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  8. Shame One Direction never accomplished this. They were huge. Can't wait to see Jonas Brothers get #1 tho. What a comeback. I'm curious to see whether or not they'll follow-up with other chart-toppers or top ten hits.
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  9. I hope they snatch that Number 1 purely to see the implosions.
  10. Billboard keeps hinting at it. I think they have it in the bag.
  11. Sucker has given them their highest ever peak in the UK with number 6.
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  12. It's been at #1 on Spotify US + iTunes all week, is still top 5 on Apple Music and has racked up over 60M views between the regular video and director's cut... it's almost certainly debuting at #1.
  13. I finally listened to this and I'm bopping.
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  14. What is their legacy as a band? Does anyone even remember their songs, did they even have any hits? Do any of their songs get played as throwbacks to whatever era that was?

    They were disposable and useless as a musical act back then, and still are. Thank god 2/3 of them are fuckable.
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  15. Somebody's not a fan.
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  17. Can I just point out if we were talking about a girlband and someone said "Thank god 2/3 of them are fuckable" we'd all (rightfully) question it, so can we not? There's a difference between thirsting over someone and reducing them purely to how attractive they are.
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  18. Maybe to you, but I got my life to Jonas Brothers for years because I was exactly the target audience for them (aka teenage girls).

    I don't know, man, I'm not even blaming you specifically for this, but it's always funny to me that stuff that is targeted to teenage girls always end up being written off as disposable. You might not like them, and that's absolutely fine, but they were a big deal for a lot of people my age, even boys.
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  19. We're not gonna act like Burnin' Up/SOS/Lovebug/Year 3000 (yes I know it's a cover) weren't bops.
  20. Well quite. Especially when 3/3 of them are fuckable.
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