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Jonas Brothers - What A Man Gotta Do

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by alanmr, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Even outside of solo he keeps the gays fed.
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  2. We love a crotch-grabbing moment, don't we girls?
  3. I see all the girls are joining TikTok now

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  4. Also, can I get some more cuts like this one on the new album?

  5. Give me nothing but more of this & Don’t Throw It Away.

    Also these aesthetics are everything I need.
  6. Although I like the cover art, I hate the filter that they used on the photo.
  7. 6628312C-3AB8-4668-B996-AFA5B5DDF545.gif
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  8. Now this is the ultimate promo. Who needs snippets of the new single, I’m invested based on this alone.
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  9. Wow the Jonas dad is hot!
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  10. Hope this is not a re-release of sorts, since I just splurged on the "Happiness Begins" vinyl!
  11. Co-written by an ex-member of sadly failed girlband Parade as well. Get those coins.
  12. Ah, how I used to enjoy that little album (Parade's one)
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  13. Here for Jonases to cover Perfume and make it a pits anthem.
  14. The snippet gives nothing away, but the first video tease has me stoked.

  15. The way they’ve taken Kevin’s meme-ability and are using it to push their new single... so smart nn
  16. I have to say, Sucker and Cool really didn’t do it for me, so the fact that this album is so incredible is still shocking to me. I Believe, Don’t Throw It Away, and Used To Be are some of my year end favorites. Perched for this new single.
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  17. Going to need Joe to wear this see-through tanktop while performing. Thanks.
  18. A mood.
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