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"Double Tap" is good, albeit a little derivative. I feel like Jasmine V already put out this same song featuring Kendrick.
Here's the full music video. It's amazing but why premiere it via Yahoo?

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Actually oddly fucking amazing?

Double tap that hoe.
While at first it literally seemed like an advert for Instagram (Instagram making monetary cut-backs, it would seem), and moulded into something of a Weight Watchers 'after' ad for Jordin, the video manages to do a fair amount with quite little.

As for the song, if you can sort of get over the fact that it's a Kelly Rowland 'excelgate' in the making for .5 of a generation away, it's kind of a low-key jam! It's commanded a few listens from me.

Not necessarily a surprising record, but this could do well in restoring some relevance for her.
^^^ Was about to do the same thing too (#threadpromo) but yeah, the song is great. "Double Tap That Hoe" should go viral like "I woke up like diz".
well this is a lot better than I was expecting, not because i don't like her because i do.... just with all delays etc had given up hope
I adored Jordin's first two albums but sadly feel absolutely no anticipation for the new album. Can she not go back to releasing catchy melody-driven songs? Her voice is too good to waste on trend chasing, dated RnB.