Jordin Sparks - General Discussion

Hmm, that tracklist makes me feel a tad concerned. Shaggy? J-DOE? (Who?)

Battlefield being a fluke is becoming more and more likely.
No way! No Air was amazing with Chris Brown. A brilliant duet.

Her song titles are a bit cringey. Any song with obvious references to social media platforms is ridiculous.
She loves rubbish album covers doesn't she? Especially weird close ups.

I'm definitely going to check the album out, hopefully it will be fun even if it is a bit of a mess.
I actually really like Right Here Right Now and the video is basic but good and suits the song well. Impressed and looking forward to the album.
The song is ok but the video is stunning. Finally she doesn't look awkward.

I can't believe she didn't add Gasoline to the album...
The verses are amazing - Good lyrics and an interesting beat - But the chorus is such a non-event. When it seems to be building up to some major moment, it's exactly when it lets you down.

And she looks seriously stunning.
Tattoo, One Step at a Time, and No Air (if it didn't involve Chris Brown) are all jams though.

Well yes but I was referring to Battlefield the album. The debut has some great moments (I love Shy Boy/Young and In Love + the bonus tracks Save Me, Virginia is for Lovers) but the album has too much filler. Battlefield is no filler, and all top notch. Making it quite the fluke!
Wow, I am pleasantly surprised by 'Right Here Right Now'. It's actually really good! It kind of sounds like a Cassie song. It's very current but not trend chasing.

I'd be interested to find out how she finally managed to get this album off the ground. I was fully expecting her to be quietly dropped (I kind of thought she had been) and fade into the abyss because it had been years. Good for her though.
I really love Right Here, Right Now. The chorus sort of reminds me of Rock The Boat by Aaliyah. The video is good too.