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Jordin Sparks - Right Here Right Now (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dark Raider, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. [video]

    This is definitely the best thing from the era to date.
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  2. The album is out there to be streamed and what not, I'm liking what I hear but It's so different from her previous two albums.
  3. Silhouette is amazeballs.
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  4. It's her strongest and versatile album, but, lacks a kicker like Battlefield.

    Unhappy is amazing.
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  5. They Don't Give is amazing.
  6. I must give this a listen.
  7. It Ain't You, 1000 and 100 Years are my favourites from this
  8. Crazy how much she's fallen since her No Air days.
  9. Personal highlights include "They Don't Give", "Silhouette", and her pronunciation of "hood" in "Boyz in the Hood".

  10. It's amazing how flopped she is with this album. It's not even in the iTunes 100 charts. I doubt it'll even sell over 5k. American Idol winners, I tell ya. Most of them fail.
  11. Was this released with a label? If it wasn't for Aubrey tweeting about it, I would've had no idea she had an album out.
  12. Silhouette is the only thing absolutely 100% worth it from this album. "insatiable shadows" - giving me the vapors, somebody pass me my fan!
  13. It's on Simon Fuller's 19 Recordings, and a label called Larger Than Life, which is an imprint of Sony but basically indie from what I understand (it's a part of RED, which is "a Sony Music Entertainment-owned sales and marketing division that handles releases for over sixty independent record labels.")
  14. Are any of the songs a survivor of the "I Am Woman" era?
  15. BML


    I was just watching her Breakfast Club interview and apparently it is Salaam Remi's label.

    I've been listening to this a bit. I haven't made it all the way through yet but it's a cute little album. Whether it flops or not (which shouldn't matter because duh it's been 6 years), she should be very proud of herself. She's finally an interesting artist. And 'Right Here Right Now' is that jam.
  16. They were lost when she departed RCA.
  17. Remember that Skipping a Beat song she had on her soundcloud, around summer 2013? Was that from a different album cycle technically or...
  18. By interesting, you mean copying Tinashe? "Right Here Right Now" is a pile of rejected songs that nobody wanted. Her previous album was way better.
  19. BML


    The hostility! I'm not going to argue about Jordin Sparks, so good day to you, ma'am!

    By the by, I was referring to the song, not the album.
  20. I couldn't give a shit if this album flops or not. I love this album. What a lovely return Jordin!
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