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Jordin Sparks - Right Here Right Now (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dark Raider, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Sorry to create a Frankenstein of a post here but I have a fair bit to add to these posts.

    It's been my understanding that her record deal (as is typical for Idol contracts) is divided up so that 19 Recordings owned the phonographic copyright (the recordings) and then they were licensed out to the major label that backed Idol that season for release and promotion. In Jordin's case, this was Jive, and then RCA when Jive went defunct and its artists were transferred to RCA. The thing about Jordin's transfer from RCA to Louder Than Life is that it's yet another Sony label so I don't think it involves any sort of new contract -- she just found an ally in Salaam Remi and asked to be moved to his label. RCA obliged because she was clearly not a priority there in the crowded stables and she was staying under the Sony umbrella.

    Laura's right that Louder Than Life pretty much is on the same level as an indie label so people should take that into consideration when evaluating album sales/impact, etc.

    As for the I Am Woman era/Skipping a Beat, I don't think the songs she recorded were necessarily lost with RCA. As I said, 19 owns her recordings and she's still with them. I think the tracklisting as it stands now comes down more to the direction she wanted to go in rather than label restrictions, keeping in mind that over the years she continued to record as her album was delayed endlessly. What I do know is that 11:11 is at least two years old, maybe longer (having been uploaded to this Soundcloud under the title "11:11 (Wish)"), because I've had that one in my iTunes library for quite a while. As for Skipping a Beat, one thing we're still missing from that time is Before It Breaks, her song with Jason that was supposedly her real first single (if any of you remember that #10DaysBeforeItBreaks debacle, for lack of a better word). I seem to recall a video on Twitter that had a small clip of a song but I'm not sure if that was the song or if it's even still up.

    And just for good measure:

  2. I didn't realise this album existed until Amazon just recommended it to me. I love Jordin's first two albums - is this worth buying?
  3. I love Silhouette. Try it on Spotify?
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  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Boyz In the Hood is that bop, Double Tap is that semi-bop, dump the rest.
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  5. BML


    No, if you can appreciate non-bops then 'Right Here Right Now' and 'Left...Right?' are really good too.
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  6. The best track is actually It Ain't You!
  7. UnHappy is the best on the record.
  8. 'Silhouette' is all we need.

    The rest can hit the bin.
  9. New song leaked

  10. Performing "One Step at a Time" on Pitbull's NYE. The crowd is rolling.

    She's done a new song, now back to "No Air".
  11. They Don't Give is so life-giving. I could listen to that slow jam all day.
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  12. Wikipedia says RHRN debuted at #161 on billboard?! Were people unaware that this was coming out?
  13. This sends chills down my spine.

  14. New collaborative project with Elijah Blake called 199∞:

  15. How the hell do I search that?
  16. Ddd I had to copy and paste the infinity ♾ sign from a Google search to make the post you quoted.
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  18. Looks like they dropped the confusing typography. Also, interesting that they recorded 4 trap ballads in an attempt to tribute the 90s?
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  19. This EP is surprisingly good. I'm feeling it.
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  20. It's been a decade since Battlefield was released. Truly an iconic bop for the ages.
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