Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying


New single 'Come Over' featuring Popcaan - presumably out this Friday.
Seemed like time for a new thread now she's firmly past the Lost & Found era.
I'm looking forward to this. Presuming it'll be a bop as well, if Popcaan is featured on it.
By Any Means has turned me into a stan again, it's best song since Blue Lights, so I have high expectations for this era.
Sorry, I just came here to stan Come Over a little bit more - what a song! Mabel, take some notes! (I mean it with love)
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Between Come Over and Rose Rouge I think I'm ready to give Jorja a second chance, what an unexpected breath of fresh air
Don't understand the relevance

Mabel started off with a similar sound before she moved into a more commercial (and faceless, sorry) musical direction. Check out My Boy My Town and Know Me Better if you're unfamiliar with them.
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