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Jorja Smith - Lost & Found (Debut Album) + Be Honest

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Tried searching for a thread but couldn't find anything, she's an upcoming R&B/Soul singer-songwriter who came 4th in BBC's Sound of 2017. Her EP "Project 11" came out towards the end of last year, rumoured to be on Drake's "More Life" album to. She's also mesmerisingly pretty.

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  2. Yas kween.
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  3. In love with her and her voice.
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  4. 2014

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    She is stunning in every way. Needs more attention pronto!
  5. "Where Did I Go?" was such a revelation last year. Great to see she's coming.
  6. I've fallen and I can't get up. She's stunning, and talented, hope she gets loads of shine from her feat on Drake's album.
  7. Obsessed with her and made a list

    Why isn't Carry Me Home used in every TV sync / ad / contestant leaving?

    Also I was a bit of a messy criminãl at school (although nothing serious) and Blue Lights (even though about more serious stuff) captures that mood so perfectly.
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  8. Her new single, 'Teenage Fantasy', is another great song! The production really reminds me of something, but can't think what.
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    I love Teenage Fantasy - she's so fantastic.
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  10. Please allow my little rant.

    "Where Did I Go" is by far her best song, nothing else comes even close. She has so much potential, I've even seen her live, and was completely mesmerized, however I have been so disappointed with her singles since I first fell in love with her, and now fear she will never do anything I like as much.
  11. Loving "Teenage Fantasy" reminds me a little of Frank-era Amy.
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  12. Is it "Littlest Things" by Lily Allen? Production wise I notice a few similarities with the Piano and such.
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  13. She has gone Garage Queen on her new one!

  14. YAS at this style switch up. This is her Kelela moment - perhaps even boppier.

  15. I wonder if this is the big push single, she's top of the New Music Friday playlist on Spotify.

    I feel like Jorja and Mabel are both on the cusp of stardom, and I need it to happen for both of them!
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  16. On My Mind is like a lost Sweet Female Attitude song, and I adore it.
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    Her voice is so special. Diggin' it.
  18. This is brilliant, glad she's changing things up a little. Her and Mabel are killing it at the moment. The song is at 52 on iTunes right now.
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