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Josef Salvat - Islands

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Future Lover, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. The CD actually exists, and arrived this morning. It’s cute, but simple - no extra imagery than what we’ve seen already with the single artworks (one printed across the gatefold-style packaging, and one printed on the front of the booklet) but there is full lyrics inside the booklet.
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  2. I’m still waiting for my vinyl to ship…
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  3. I've enjoyed all the singles so I've slipped him a tenner to buy the CD
  4. My seedee shipped so I'm now waiting.

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  5. It looks like Amazon UK have cancelled all the vinyl orders.
  6. My CD arrived but the sleeve is imprinted like it's been stored up against something else. An album to remember but a campaign to forget.
  7. My Amazon UK vinyl preorder is still pending but I don't hold out much hope. Has he started shipping vinyl from his own store as it does say they would be shipping April 15th on there?
  8. I ordered Islands and The Close on vinyl formats. I have yet to receive conformation from Music Glue that anything has shipped. It all still says “processing”. It’s very disheartening because I adore Islands and feel it should have been treated better with a rollout.
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  9. I also preordered the vinyl from Amazon US so here’s to hoping it makes it!
  10. Same, no shipping notification yet.
  11. Two vinyl shipped!
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  12. I came here to post the same! Finally! upload_2022-4-25_10-45-22.jpeg
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  13. Anyone receive their vinyl from the official store? My Amazon order was meant to be with me yesterday but has now been delayed to May/June...
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