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Josef Salvat - modern anxiety (2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Looks like he's releasing a new music video (and maybe a new song?) this week.

  2. Given how good Modern Anxiety and Alone are, I'm perched for this.
  3. Love the cover art! Hopefully the music will be just as good.
  4. Great news... sounds like Josef will be releasing two songs on Thursday! Unsure what the second song is called.
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  5. Is anyone going to his little gig at Moth Club (Hackney) on February 5? It's under £15. Seriously considering going but I'm a bit afraid to go on my own.
  6. Coming at midnight local time.

    In The Afternoon is quiet nice - reminds me of his song Free Spirit from last year's MOOMINVALLEY soundtrack which I personally liked a lot. The other song is called Playground Love, it's a little simpler and sparse than the recent singles although it builds quite nicely as it goes and feels a little more like the debut album.
  7. Ouch!
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  8. He's released a French version of In The Afternoon too.

  9. This is WONDERFUL. Replace the English version immediately sis.
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  10. Cute video too

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  11. Both tracks are growers but I like them! His French accent is cute too. Hope he’ll announce the album soon.
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  12. In the Afternoon is lovely.
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  13. Enjoying both new tracks! Nice lil B-sides to these singles, love that someone from a younger generation is doing them. Anyway, did the "part 2" of his Berlin diaries ever happen? I only remember reading the first one, and now I can't even find that.
  14. Oh I love this video! It’s captures the flirty romance of the song and such wonderful bi representation. The songs definitely a cute lil bop but I can definitely see myself coming back to it a bunch
  15. It's in the notes section of his website.
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  17. He is everything right now - amazing voice, gorgeous songs, great aesthetic/vibe, and he's also impossibly attractive. I was a big fan of the first album/'era', but it's been 4 out of 4 for me this time. I really hope the London gig sells out - gutted that I'm likely to not be able to go, even though I got tickets.
  18. RJF


    "in the afternoon" is great! The video is lovely too; not only a good bit of representation, but captures the stay-in-bed-all-day bliss of a burgeoning relationship perfectly.
  19. I need him to get on with an album release date.
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