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Josef Salvat - modern anxiety (2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. The verses are just... yas.
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  2. He has such a great voice. Loving in the afternoon.
  3. In the Afternoon is amazing!
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  4. At first I thought "In the Afternoon" was a bit too basic but it has grown on me a lot. It's extremely catchy. Also, the guitar lines are delicious.
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  5. Gig tonight was incredible! I managed to get a ticket last minute as I wasn’t sure if I’d be free from work when they went on sale and I’m so glad I did. The new songs Josef performed were great - I’m anticipating the release and already imagine it’ll become one of my favourite albums of the year! It’s my first time seeing him live and he is much smaller than I thought he would be. He’s adorable on stage and has a great presence.

    Did you manage to go in the end @Charles Vingt-†rois?
  6. He was amazing, I love him.
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  7. "playground love" is the one.
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  8. He was incredible last night! Can you imagine being *such* a natural that your first gig after three years of not touring is still a masterclass in how to captivate a crowd?

    (He's also fit AF)
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  9. The album will be out 15th May and is titled "modern anxiety".
    Tracklist is as follows:
    Source is JB HiFi.
  10. Excited! Just wish we didn’t already have nearly half the album.
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  11. Call On Me was my favourite from the new songs he performed yesterday. From memory, he did the singles and their b-sides, plus Melt and Enough which were both fantastic too - more minimal/stark ballads if I remember correctly.

    It is a bit disappointing that we’ve heard almost half of it, and I imagine we’ll see another single (with a b-side) before May too.
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  13. 2014

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    In The Afternoon is gorgeous. Thrilled he's back!
  14. Everything is really quite laid back and lovely. Feels like he's quite relaxed about things too. And that cover is fantastic.
  15. I love the album cover. The right kind of minimal, nice tile color, nude man in a bathtub, what else do you need.
  16. Double post, but this is still a 10/10 perfect bop. Of course, this version isn't available to purchase anywhere...
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  17. i love him but all his songs are kinda about hoing it up right?
  18. And what about it?
  19. He's already told us that he's "got the heart of a hustler with a hustler's pain."

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    For fans of the franglais versions, the French edition also includes modern anxiety (la vie moderne) and in the afternoon (donne-moi rendez-vous). Gotta keep an eye on when the physicals get listed on fnac I guess.
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