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Josef Salvat - modern anxiety

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Oct 23, 2019.

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  1. Josef Salvat:
    I'm not ready for you to go
    I've turned myself to liquid
    So you can drink me into you
    I could give life to your body
    I could give your skin it's glow
    I could give life to your cells
    I could do what you do
    I could go wherever you go

    Melt, melt me down and pour me into you

  2. His vocals on Call On Me are doing things to me. Him and Perfume Genius said "queer rights" this week.
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  3. It's a very decent album. My faves are "The Afternoon" (can't get enough of it), "Paper Moons", "Call On Me" and "Enough". And the cover.
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  4. Home performance from Sunday Brunch earlier:

  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is so good. Love how he experiments with his voice. Much better than his last album.
  6. That Sunday Brunch baldie always gets a woof from me.
  7. I love his lower register, but actually even his falsetto is nice. His voice is very versatile and I appreciate how involved he is in the making of his music. The new album is great, but it's a pity we've heard half of it before the actual release. Didn't he mention in his newsletter he might release a "part 2" kind of thing in the future?
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  8. Oh man, I’m glad I didn’t overlook this cause it’s amazing. “Paper Moons” jumped out at me in the context of the album. His vocals in the chorus just break my heart and he just nails the heartbreak of that all too familiar situation.
  9. Paper Moons is the best song here, followed by Enough & Melt.
  10. 'in the afternoon' is high key the most saccharine and potentially toothless track I've stanned in a minute but I miss my boyfriend and the weather is gorgeous and I can't stop playing it.
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  11. How is everyone finding this album? I quite enjoy it as a body of work, but am struggling to pick a stand out favorite. Currently 'no vacancies' is stuck in my head so I suppose that's the one for now.
  12. I really like “call on me” but haven’t given the album a proper spin yet. Too distracted with Jessie Ware.
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  13. While I always enjoy the individual songs when I hear them on my shuffled 2020 playlist I do think it works best as a collective whole. I think it is a great album.
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  14. I got so obsessed with "Paper Moons" that I didn't give the full album any time. Should probably try to fix that...
  15. Paper Moons really is a highlight. Great song.
  16. Paper Moons is amazing, but actually Alone crept up on me a lot.

    Doing my best to juice the last out of my youth before it ends

    Such an amazing lyric, always pops into my head whenever someone tells me I'm getting older.
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  17. I haven’t come back to this album as often as I thought I would have. Maybe because we’ve heard half of it before the release?

    Here’s hoping for Modern Anxiety part 2, like Josef mentioned before.
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  18. Alright, I'll take it. I just snatched a physical copy of modern anxiety so I've been listening to it again and I really like it as a whole, still doesn't touch Night Swim though.
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