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Josef Salvat - Night Swim

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. He definitely does what I do when I shave my head. In that I think I look cool when in reality I look like a a plastic toy.
  2. Bloody hell he was really wankered in that Lancome performance.
  3. He looks like Professor X.

    You lot: "Don't you mean Professor Sex?"
  4. At least his hair is back, in time for the album shoot. Really looking forward to the new album! He’s got quite a unique voice.
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  5. Oh I really could use a new Paradise.
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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. He would've looked fine with that shaved head if he had a beard to go with it. Just saying.
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  8. Does anybody of you still listen to him nowadays?

    As for me, I came across Open Season on YouTube the other day when I was discovering unknown musicians and kept on playing the songs found in the recommended videos column. And boom! I instantly fell in love with that song and really enjoy watching the accompanying music video as it is very fun and entertaining. Later I checked some of his other songs and found myself actually adoring his music so I decided to listen to the Night Swim album.

    Woah, a pretty solid pop record I'd say. A bit of ballads, a few dancey tracks, just a hotchpotch in my words! His lyrics are definitely intriguing, sometimes it feels strange a lot, like a couple of phrases I'd never thought someone would use until I read them. Well, okay, thoughtful sentences but still a jumble of remarkable words. Apart from Open Season and Paradise, which I love both as I was completely hooked on them, I'm keen on Constant Runners (What can I say? What an uplifting song this is!), Night Swim (It sounds so haunting and captivating silmutaneously.), Every Night (I love the bridge.) and Punchline (The outro is marvellous and incredible!).

    However, there's one track that gives me the creeps. Hustler. Oh my Lord, the lyrics of that one is so bewildering and staggering at the same time. Umm, perhaps the most explicit one out of all the singles released from Night Swim? I guess so.

    Anyway, I hope he releases new music as soon as possible because I do hunger for his new album.
  9. Yeah - i just listened to (my version of) the album yesterday and it's still pretty glorious. i saw him in concert a few month before the album was released and he (and his band) sounded great. highly recommended.

    I hope he won't change direction too much for his second album - i prefer the atmospheric pop moments of the record (open season, shoot and run, this life, closer ...) over songs like "the days" or "a better word" (which is one of the last songs he has written for the album and his favourite).

    All in all i think it's a great achievement for a debut album!
  10. Ok, so when's Daddy putting out new music because i'm dehydrated at this point
  11. You saw him live performing? Woah, that must have been an amazing and unforgettable experience! Unfortunately, I've never seen him in concert but only some footages I've found on YouTube... Wanna attend one of his performances one day.

    I agree with you. It'd be fine if he built on his previous material while making the follow-up album. It might be a little bit stronger than the last one with indications in what direction he would want to shift musically. Wouldn't it be boring and awkward if he kept repeating himself? Oh, I'm not a fan of songs such as The Days or A Better Word either, not exactly my cup of tea but they are not so dreadful at all. Thus, I also prefer the "atmospheric pop moments of the record".

    Right? When I first heard the Night Swim album at a stretch, I thought Josef had already been an established act. However, when I learnt that he wasn't, I was stunned... Really unfortunate and sad that he hasn't broken into mainstream music. And I completely detest the fact that most people sleep on him...
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  12. Yeah - from the quality of his music he should've been bigger. I guess the undecided marketing (bisexual / straightwashing) didn't help his campaign. But who knows what's in store the second time around, when he builds upon this foundation! (with new hair and new teeth, lol)

    You should definately go see him live - I was in the front row and his songs sounded amazing in a band setting. He was spot-on and charismatic. Althought I felt a little ashamed because of the crowd. They were lifeless af and only woke up during the encore of "Diamonds" pulled out their smartphones and just stood there filming him. It was rather bizarre and I felt a bit sorry for him, since it was a very intimate venue and he must've felt the enegry.
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  13. I think he’s been building a more solid fanbase over time. I didn’t even discover him until he basically had stopped touring for the first album, but I’d definitely pay good to see him now.
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  14. I also discovered him after he had finished the promotion and touring for the first album. I kind of regret not coming across him much earlier but at least I'm glad that I actually happened to find him. Anyway, I would really want to attend one of his concerts and enjoy myself while watching him perform.

    Now something else. Isn't it weird that Josef has stopped posting on social sites? It's like he's completely disappeared. I absolutely have no answer for this...
  15. That's true. Something certainly must have gone wrong when planning and realizing the promotion and campaign. It'll be funny and peculiar if Josef brings out his new album and says that he actually recorded it a long time ago but didn't want to rush the release and then explains the reasons.

    Alright, thank you for the recommendation! Even though I've only watched some of his perfomances online, they appear to be very enjoyable and gratifying thanks to him. And yeah, I completely agree with you. The crowds were really lifeless and seemed to be bored and unimpressed (In fact, this doesn't truly suprise me much).
  16. Going on a Salvat binge today. Does anyone know if the English version of "Paradise", but with the "old" backing track, is available to purchase in lossless? It's the video version, in case I wasn't clear. I don't like the album mix at all, but the original was fantastic.
  17. Is it this version? Released in 2015 before the album itself.
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  18. No, unfortunately, that's the "album mix" *sadface* But thank you for the link!

    Funny enough that it's the official single upload!
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  19. I've had a quick look and couldn't find anything that matches. It looks like it was probably on a promo CD though ( A bit weird that they'd upload a different version to YouTube the day before releasing the album version everywhere else.
  20. He can't afford an absence this long before LP2.
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