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Josef Salvat - The Close / Le Reveil

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Sep 10, 2020.

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    His voice is just phenomenal.
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  2. Acoustic version of One More Night is out tomorrow - assuming this means a live video, like those released before.
  3. One More Night live acoustic

  4. Was this peach song a CMBYN submission that didn't get used?
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  5. Peaches live/acoustic.

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  6. Remember the full EP is out tomorrow!

    Voice Memo and Photos are essentially interludes (as might have been expected), but create a nice atmosphere while listening. The two new songs are great - I Miss You is my favourite of them. I found Carry On slightly grating to begin with and felt it would have benefitted from a stripped back production like I Miss You, but I enjoyed it more as it progressed. Very strong EP.
  7. Can’t wait to hear it! Wasn’t a big fan of the release strategy but I’m happy it’s finally here.
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  8. I also wasn't a huge fan of the release strategy (especially when I found out that, of the remaining 4 "songs", 2 of them were interludes, but the songs he's released so far were magnificent. I think I can already say it's my favorite project of his, and on his Insta AMA yesterday he said he has 3 back to back projects that started with this one -- so I'm hoping we get a second EP later this year.
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  9. I love how 80s pop Carry On is, it feels a bit lighter compared to some of the other songs on then EP. The interludes are pointless though.
  10. Loved the live stream on YouTube tonight. His voice is simply phenomenal and he’s confirmed new music will be coming “very soon”!
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  11. Is the stream available to watch again? I forgot all about it! Great news about more music coming soon.
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  13. Thanks so much.
  14. The Line of Best Fit are celebrating Piano Day today and have a number of musicians on their Instagram performing - here's Josef playing First Time.

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  15. Carry On is that track for me right now. How does he remain so consistently excellent?
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  16. Just heard this and wow, so good. “Peaches” in particular messed me up. My favorite song of 2021 so far.
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  18. Video of "Carry On" live at the Playground Theatre
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  20. Covering “I’m Set Free” by The Velvet Underground.
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