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Josef Salvat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I gave this a spin and Open Season and Paradise are just divine, immaculately composed pieces of pop music.
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  2. I also left out: Patrick Wolf, Cazwell, Sam Sparro, Rostam Batmanglij, Mika, Casey Spooner, Jonsi, Antony Hegarty, Kele Okereke, Darren Hayes, Marc Almond, Sylvester, Holly Johnson, Mark Feehily, Stephen Gately, Rufus Wainwright, Will Young, Lance Bass, Jimmy Somerville, Andy Bell, B-52s, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Village People, Michael Stipe, Freddy Mercury, Le1f, Andy Butler, RuPaul, etc.
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  3. I haven't given my ear to many male singers in a long time but someone posted his album art and piqued my interest. I really like what I'm hearing! Gorgeous and inventive music videos too. He's pretty hot as well, in an unusual way. Open Season sounds a bit like a song you'd hear in Zara/H&M, but strangely makes me kinda...sad, in a nostalgic sense. I think it reminds me of a type of music I'd listen to with my uni friends years ago. Loving it and Paradise thus far and sure the rest will grow on me too.
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  5. I could never be Josef. I'd be exhausted at Diamonds being mentioned allll the time.

    Anyone could've covered the song and it could've been a rando hit anywhere - SHUT UP.
  6. His cover isn't even that good and he was getting attention for his own music beforehand anyway. Le sigh.
  7. It's definitely nothing special and I didn't know anyone cared beforehand but this is good to know indeed.
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  8. Well, "anyone" is relative but y'know, Popjustice cared, at least.
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  9. Bless Popjustice for nurturing the infant Salvat fan community.
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  10. Apropos of nothing:
    There's a (gay) porn model that is a dead ringer for Josef. I actually had to go check/compare just to be sure. (For Science.)
  11. You can't give us this and not tell us the name! For research purposes, of course.
  12. Who is it, luv? x
  13. Not Josef collecting coin album sales be damned.
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  14. Darius Ferdynand
  15. Uh...okay.
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