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Josef Salvat

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I'm wet.
  2. Have you been for a Night Swim munny?
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  3. Sadly that's all.
  4. Time to find a Salvatized skinhead and pounce!
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  5. He looks so good bald! Literally, he got scalped, and then I got scalped.
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  6. He looks pretty good with no hair but I might prefer the hair.

    Music is still super though! Give me more Josef!
  7. I prefer the hair, though he is still very much attractive without it.
  8. This just makes me want to shave my head again.
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  10. Truly, so hot. And in the "I want to sleep with him AND be boyfriends afterwards"-kind of way.
  11. And surrounded by instruments......I take this to mean hopefully more music is coming our way.
    That or a video with him and his new do.
  12. I have the weirdest hate-crush on him. I think he looks kinda mean but I'm so hot for him. His interviews I find very intelligent, but also as dislikeable. His music is gorgeous yet also very pretentious.
    Worst thing is whenever I see/hear him I desperately want to be him.
    What the hell is happening, make it stop!
  13. Does anybody know the correct lyrics for Paradise? All the lyric-sites seem to get it wrong.
    "So just lay back and..."?
    "I've tasted the world, all its flavours / I've tried ...."?
  14. So just lay back and wait for it to come

    I've tried sunlight snacks to night savours?

    Your best bet is probably to ask Josef himself on twitter, he tends to be very responsive to fans.
  15. I'm almost 100% positive it's not "wait for it to come".
    Also I'm thirty, I don't have a twitter. But maybe for my big hate-crush that is Josef, I should get one.
  16. He performed at a Lancome-dinner last week for a bunch of models and celebrities, and he did a performance of I Say A Little Prayer that was one hell of a glorious drunken hot mess (jump to 10:30).

    Imagine the kii he must have gotten when he saw this though:

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  17. I hope the next album will drop soon. And that he'll grow out his hair for the promo shoot/videos...
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  18. I'm not entirely sure where he got the idea to go bald but he needs to like...stop.
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  19. That Lancome performance was actually mostly adorable.
  20. He's finished writing his new album according to his Instagram - now he's busy letting his hair grow out in time for the promo "tweaking things" and "writing a bit in case something amazing pops out" (read: the record label doesn't think there is a clear first single).

    The album is a couple of months away from being ready, which should mean we'll get both a single and album this year.
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