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Joshua Bassett - Sad Songs In A Hotel Room EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. I know he's never going to be a Popjustice favourite but I love the song.

    His 6 track EP is out in March and his profile certainly isn't going to diminish this week after the release of the Sabrina track.
  2. Apparently he just came out?? Kind of shocked after the Olivia/Sabrina drama dd

  3. Not really a good look for him.

  4. Honestly, I could see his “I guess this is my coming out video” comment one of two ways. Either he said it and really meant it and wasn’t really expecting to say it, so now his team is trying to figure out exactly how to handle it, or he just said it as a casual joke because he realized he was on video gushing over Harry Styles. Either way, I don’t really see much harm in it, but I am curious how it will play out.

    I do find it kind of funny and ironic that his “did he or didn’t he” come out story involves fanboying over music’s biggest “queer”(?) maybe(?) artist dddd.
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  5. Sorry for double post, but while these aren’t from “his words” these are his most recent Likes on Twitter:

  6. Some people... forget that "coming out" doesn't apply to gays only. Good for him!

  7. Feel Something is a bop.
  8. Looks like he’s still figuring it out — which hey, aren’t we all? Good for him to be putting it out there in his own way, even if he doesn’t have all the answers yet.

  9. Ah, the Harry Styles route...

    </half joking>
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  10. There’s part of me that’s like ‘good for - and good luck to - him.’

    And there’s the cynic in me that feels like this is all damage control for a very bad ‘coming out’ joke.
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  11. These Disney kids are way too self-aware to accidentally come out via a flippant throwaway comment on some online Q&A content. Then again whatever he does kind of affects 3 separate artist campaigns so there’s little room for spontaneity here.
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  12. I also feel the same way, people don’t just randomly come out while they’re doing promo, these kids have probably gone through sooo much press training. But then you go on Twitter and TikTok and people call you insensitive if you dare to invalidate his queerness, and I’m like...but he literally said nothing with his statement, it is vague af and honestly I’m tired of people losing their shit for straight men who just want to queercode themselves for attention. Let’s actually support openly queer artists.
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  13. Nah… this ain’t it. I don’t know his whole story, but I’ve heard rumblings that he was possibly kicked out of his house when he was a teenager and his mom is some Republican in politics. That’s all to say — it’s not like he’s built a lifetime of queerbating and alluding answering shit to remain mysterious. Everyone’s coming out process is different, and needs to be allowed. No one should be rolling out the rainbow carpet for him as the new Messiah of Gen Z queerdom, but he pretty obviously said “I’ve struggled with this because of stuff my whole life, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable, but I’m still figuring it out.”
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  14. I think people are taking it more seriously than he meant it. I also think this is a generational divide showing ddd.
  15. I mean I'm only in my late 20's, but it does feel like that younger generation is way more open and accepting to sexual fluidity, not adhering to gender stereotypes and not putting a label on things. Which is pretty cool to be honest! It seems like that's the angle he's going with this.
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  16. Joshua giving us an update on the best HSM song this week is just what I needed.
  17. “i would much rather deal with consequences and live my truth than live in fear."

    Good for him!
  18. Was reading his GQ interview and found the discussion about how he identifies really heartwarming. These bits:
    especially hit. When I was about 5 I remember wanting to wear my sister's Belle costume because of how much I loved the character, so I did nn.
    Also loved reading this:
    That's honestly amazing to me and makes me wanna watch the show even more just so I can support all that young queer talent. I really need to get around to it. It took forever but it's great that Disney is finally featuring queer people in their teen shows, both behind the scenes and on screen.

    Also loved reading this:
    He made some points there. He seems like a really nice guy, and I'm glad he's a part of our community.

    And I get that y'all are a bunch of cynical gays who have been through it when it comes to stuff like this, but some of the things said in here weren't it.
  19. Yeah I’m really hoping everyone will lighten up on him and stop gatekeeping how and when and how fast he comes out. It also sounds like there may be a tinge of truth to Olivia’s songs but it’s clearly not an entire breakup album about Joshua so the fact that he took the lashings and pretty much remained quiet except showing support to her kind of shows that he’s a decent and admirable guy.

    Anyway, stream Feel Something.
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