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Joshua Bassett - Sad Songs In A Hotel Room EP

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. If it were UK friendly I would also - shame it costs more in shipping than for the actual vinyl.
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  2. I did notice the obscene shipping cost when I checked out too. I just had to ignore it briefly and click buy as it's Joshua but it did sting. Them finally putting something of his out on vinyl does give me hope they won't mess up the album next year.

    I can't stop listening to Lifeline though - just a stunning song and what an achievement for him.
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  3. This kid is pretty talented… I’m curious to see where his career goes. I really like how personal he gets in his writing (not sure how comercial that is tough)

    Also, the song he wrote for his show is pretty catchy

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  4. Lifeline is absolutely exceptional. One of my favourite songs of the year.

    I don’t necessarily see him having a breakthrough moment with anything he’s put out to date, but hope he can sustain some momentum.
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  5. Music video for "Sad Songs In A Hotel Room" is out...

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  6. His latest Twitter post seems pretty concerning, of course loads of religious nuts have jumped on it but I hope he’s alright.
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  7. So he was not hacked.
  8. How scary. I don't know anything about his music, but the tweets are concerning.
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