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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. She's launched a new podcast: A Cuppa Happy
  2. Yeah, I tried to listen to it but there's something about Joss and how she speaks that can be really disingenuous and... irritating/patronising.

    I think she is super talented and very underrated as a singer but I'm not sure I love her personality... I think it's often the reason she's not been able to have the type of success you'd expect her to have had.
  3. Can't say this is really doing anything for me or what I really want from Joss.
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  5. We all agree that Joss is the sausage on The Masked Singer right? I instantly recognised that voice would be amazed if it's not her.
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  6. I think so too, though now many are speculating Louisa Johnson. I still think it's Joss but I've been wrong before so...
  7. With the US promo I caught onto Walk With Me and I think this song is pretty amazing! Had no idea she was pregnant either. Wishing her well with motherhood. This song got me excited for what a new album could bring. This is the best song she’s released in years.
  8. I can make at least 8 of the clues fit Joss Stone so I'll be amazed if it isn't her now
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  9. I don‘t know about the clues but I watched two of the performances and it‘s 100% Joss.
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  10. If it is her then her voice has definitely changed with age even though it's obviously still recognisably her. It just sounds less rough around the edges. But then I forget she was what, 16 for her first album??
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  11. I haven't seen The Masked Singer but I'm assuming you guys are talking about the US version of the show, because that's where she's living now... She wouldn't be flying back and forth during a pandemic and pregnant at the same time.

    I was listening to The Soul Sessions Vol. 2 last night and she really created a perfect album with that one.
  12. I believe the show was filmed over a week or so round about September, when cases in the UK were relatively low. It's possible she came over and combined doing the show with visiting family (assuming she still has family here).
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  13. Ha! Of course! That makes sense. I might listen to the sausage on YouTube then. Hopefully they haven't altered her voice like they did with Sophie and Mel B.

    Edit: Just watched the first performance and yes, that's Joss.
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  14. I have been adamant it's not Joss as admittedly I was remembering her voice as much more soft and soulful but listening to some live performances she actually does have a gritty and growly voice at times, I'm still not convinced but dying to know either way!.
  15. I don't know how the voting in that show works, especially if it's not live. But given she was in the sing-off after doing And I'm Telling You... it means it's definitely her. That song was sung fucking incredibly but the public must have clocked it's her and the UK hates her with a passion, hence the bottom 2 placing.
  16. I'm pretty sure last year she was doing lots of Instagram lives and mentioned at one point about flying the UK........
  17. The audience at the show vote, not the general public. It's not live, it's pre-recorded.
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  18. Also, I think suggesting the UK "hates her with a passion" is a little extreme. I doubt most people have an opinion on her one way or the other nowadays. The biggest thing she did wrong in the first place was talk a bit funny at an awards show, and that was FOURTEEN YEARS ago. Not even the UK is that petty.
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