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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cambodiangoatpatrol, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. LP1 was such a GOOD, strong album. Loved basically all of it.

    Karma is one hell of a song, still, ...wanted to see her live... but it just never happened.

    Let me catch up on the stuff that happened afterwards.
  2. Karma is a career highlight. The way she growls towards the end, it sends me to a place of ecstasy.
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  3. I swear I will grab tickets, if necessary with a short flight at some point and experience it live. Just have to!
  4. I got to see her live during the World Wide tour - she played one gig in the UK - and it was incredible. To the point I then got tickets to see her at the Burt Bacharach at the Royal Festival Hall gig where she was the lead vocalist.
  5. The highlight of Joss's career for me personally is this Dru Hill cover, everything about it is just perfect
  6. Introducing... and Mind Body and Soul are my favourite Joss albums. Both have some really amazing tracks,
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  7. “Drive All Night” is a strange, all-time favorite.
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  8. YES YES YES!!!!!!
  9. I'm here for a Joss and Gabrielle renaissance. Joint tour in 2022 queens.
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  10. Perhaps they could release an updated version of Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves and then go on a global tour to promote their duets album?
  11. Colour Me Free! not being on Streaming is a crime.
  12. Hmm I've just noticed this and it's rather annoying.

    The Soul Sessions, Mind Body & Soul, Introducing..., Colour Me Free! and LP1 is a lovely body of work, and all released before she was 25. Adele take notes. Admittedly I've never listened to the Sessions Vol. 2 but I'm sure it's listenable. I wasn't really here for her reggae album. If it is her on The Masked Singer I hope it rejuvenates her career enough to be able to do another soul/R&B album perhaps with some hints of LP1.
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  13. She was recently working on music in the Bahamas with David Stewart.
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  14. It is though? It's on Tidal, anyway.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I'm listening to Colour Me Free now for the first time, and it's actually very good. Certainly better than the horrendous artwork would suggest.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her best song x
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  18. Joss doesn't have a bad album (I'm ignoring Mama Earth).
  19. She's had her baba, a daughter called Violet Melissa. Congrats Joss and Cody.
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