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Julia Michaels - Lie Like This + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Revisited her first EP yesterday and I was surprised at how dated it sounded. I still adore it, but the instrumentals and constant repetition drag it down a bit. It remains her best work to date, though.
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  2. If The World Was Ending is kinda gorgeous, yes. Happy it is properly taking off.
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  3. Very interested in how this will sound.
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  4. Yeah, it’s been a year since we’ve gotten a proper solo single. I hope that her Rare contributions & If the World Was Ending were precursors to more Mattman & Robin + FINNEAS collaborations for her solo songs.
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  5. Short snippet of Lie Like This:

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  6. I'm getting some low-key "Don't Start Now" vibes from this.
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  7. Officially a lead single for her debut album, finally. Good for her.

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  8. 2014

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    Hmmm interested to see what she feels is choreography.
  9. It's a completely fine, inoffensive bop. The melodies sound surprisingly not very Julia, and the chorus before the "Lie Like This" hook heavily reminds me of another song (I think something by LANY?). But I can see myself listening to this way more than the previous EP.
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  10. I actually love this? It’s nice to hear her on something uptempo after 2 years of mostly ballads and acoustic-ish songs.
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  11. Her best song since "Issues". Could see this being huge with the right push.
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  12. Yeah this is one of her best songs in ages.
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  14. This is really great.
  15. It nags at me so much that she’s calling this her “debut album” when Nervous System very much felt like one to me, but whatever! (If Issues gets shoehorned onto it though we’re gonna have words)
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