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Julia Michaels - Lie Like This + Debut Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. I love the new song but I also can't help to wish that it accidentally fell into Dua's Dropbox because she'll sound great on it.
  2. Pretty sure this rips off 'Dont Start Now' anyway ddd
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    Ok.....this slaps.
  4. Ugh this song is so good! Like, on a loop good.
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  5. Pretty Please really is one of Julia’s best musical contributions of the last couple of years!
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  6. This is a song to launch an album off. I'm glad she kept it for herself.
  7. I don't hate this! It's nice to enjoy a Julia release again!
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    This is incredibly addictive hjalp.
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  9. This is an enjoyable little bop. This is a nice direction for her, loving her darker hair it really suits her.

    The song is dreamy, not a world shaker but feels like with a proper remix treatment could be great.

    My main issue with Julia is that her vocal can be very anonymous, I listen and think of all the artists she writes for and thinking who it would be good for, but I’m cautiously perched.
  10. I forgot she could do uptempo, oww
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  11. This is very, very good. I'm very surprised.
  12. 'Lie Like This' bops. I only discovered it today and its been on repeat ever since.
  13. It's weird because I feel the exact opposite. I think she has a pretty unique voice/style of writing, sometimes overwhelming the artists she writes for. The Sia Effect. OK, maybe not as intense as The Sia Effect.
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  14. I agree with this. I know that some of y'all like to compare her vocals to the "Welcome to my kitchen" Vine, but at least that makes her vocals distinctive. And a Julia Michaels co-write always sounds like a Julia Michaels co-write.
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  15. Let me have a listen because of the glowing PopJustice forum reviews...

    Hmm, I don't like her voice that much (I forgot that). But when the chorus came, I'm hooked.
    Yes, this is good!
  16. ADM


    This came on my Spotify Radio yesterday and whewww.
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  17. I love the little “woo!” she does on that final “held onto horses...” lyric.
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  18. Lie Like This music video out tomorrow:

  19. LOVE her new look and the video snippet looks promising
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