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Julia Michaels - Nervous System + Inner Monologue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Looks like i am an exception but i loved this EP. It's not like the direction i wanted her to take but i enjoyed it anyway. Especially Into You. A song.
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  2. Into You has been stuck in my head since Thursday. It's so catchy and I love when she goes into falsetto ("I wish we didn't have so many friends in common" and "when we're in the same vicinity I dodge you").
  3. This is mostly enjoyable, but Happy is cringeworthy. Sis sounds like she is constipated during these shrieks!

    Anxiety and Deep are great.
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  4. I saw Julia Michaels play a radio promo show tonight, and the girl standing next to me — who had never heard of her before — turned to me at the end and said she reminded her of Regina Spektor — so you are not alone!

    Both the songs she played from the new EP — Happy and Anxiety — were really fun live, although I wish she'd played more from it, I really like Into You and What A Time too.
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  5. I have oddly been coming back to Apple. What a weird lil bop.
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  6. "Deep" has grown a lot on me, the middle 8 is so well done.
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  7. Her voice on Happy. How did she get a record deal? Its not even a bad song, but she should not be the one attempting to sing it.
  8. So I just had some time to listen to this and I must say I really like it. Anxiety and Into You are the standouts on first listen. I don't know why people don't like her voice, I think it's beautiful. Yes, it's not that strong, but I'd listen to her for hours. I really appreciate the stripped down production. Sometimes it's nice to have a simple piano/guitar track without overproduced beats.
    I really loved Nervous System a few years ago and I think I'm gonna love this too.
  9. Is this EP doing something for her career in terms of success?
  10. It’s the only one that stuck out to me!
  11. It's giving her enough released songs to be able to do a small headline tour without her label having to invest in promoting a full album just yet?
  12. She sounds like the female version of Hobo Johnson on the new EP sfgsdh.
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  13. New leak. Charli XCX also recorded this song and her version leaked yesterday.

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  14. I tried listening to this when it came out and after giving Anxiety and Happy a listen and feeling that my ears were assaulted, I moved on. Out of boredom I listened to Into You and its actually very much decent. She even sounds somewhere approaching decent. A minor win for Ms. Michaels.
  15. I guess What a Time is the single from the EP they’re pushing since it’s getting televised performances and a music video?

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  16. Spotify played Anxiety for me and immediately I thought of this Kelly Clarkson deep cut. The guitar is so similar.

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  17. Anxiety was released as a radio single in Australia while she was touring and quickly climbed into the top 20 for radio play here, and she performed it - without Selena - last week on one of the US morning TV shows. I'm not sure they're giving any of her songs the full single treatment, but the new song with James Bay is being sent straight to Hot AC radio so she'll probably be on US radio again soon with that.

    Also, nice to see Niall pop up between album cycles, he's looking GOOD.
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