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Julia Michaels - Nervous System + Inner Monologue

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Deep is kinda brilliant.
  2. This isn’t as immediate as a lot of Nervous System was (and the Female Josh Dun teas she’s serving in Happy grate like no other), but I kinda dig the more indie rock direction for her? Apple is definitely the highlight, but I really like the bizarre, churning in-and-out production on Deep too.
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  3. Happy music video:

  4. Is every song getting a video? The true generous queen!
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  5. I'm here for it being a visual EP! 'Into You' better be coming soon.
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  6. Apple music video:

  7. Will there be a part 2 to Inner Monologue?
  8. It's allegedly coming "pretty damn soon". She previewed an unreleased song at an event in New York last night, which is presumably from Part 2.
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  9. Part 2 coming 28 June.

    I wonder if she'll have a proper lead single this time.
  10. Her visual direction for this era is insufferable, buttttt I am kinda perched for the EP because I liked Part 1 more than I'd like to admit.

    On a side note, I love how Jump, her best and least cringy song, is the only one that hasn't found its way to an EP.
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  11. Into You was the only song that had any replay value for me off the first one.
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  12. She still hasn't topped Pink yet.
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  13. I love the first one from start to finish, so I'm perched for this one.
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  14. I loved the part 1 so much and i'm still pressed that we never got videos for Anxiety and Into You. Super excited for this and hope they work in some sort of physical release.
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