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Julia Michaels - Not in Chronological Order

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. This is different than I expected. Selena will be pissed that she's not getting this song for her next album... It's a very easy listen and I really like Julias voice. It's lacking a little bit of oomph though.
  2. Sounds like a smash to me. I love it.
  3. Its ok. It just kinda plods along. Its a good enough song but sort of an odd choice for a debut single.
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  4. I think it could be a hit. It definitely has Selena-isms, but in the way that Katy Perry's hits have Bonnie McKee-isms. It's short enough that the "plodding" sound doesn't grate too much.

    We'll see. I think she'll release better singles.
  5. I don't find Issues particularly Selena-esque. Obviously, she could easily own this song, but you can say the same about Hailee Steinfeld or even Gwen or Britney. It all traces back to OG Julia.
  6. Sounds good. She should have given it to a pop star.
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  7. Just heard the full thing, color me terribly unimpressed
  8. I like the verses much more than the chorus.
  9. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I was hoping I would like this more.
  10. Command + F "big pop moment"

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  11. It sounds like a Selena Gomez reject. I know Justin & Julia are responsible for half of her album but sis...
  12. I'll buy it tomorrow! I like her personality... hope it opens door to her career.
  13. This is only 2:56 but feels like it goes on forever.
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  14. I thought it was Sia...
  15. It "sounds like Selena" in so far that there are snaps for the percussion and she wrote it, but I think it's its own thing. I like it a lot too, not what I expected, but a good pop song. Not a bad beginning to her own pop stardom.

    I wish her the best, she's an absolute gem. Her voice sounds beautiful on 'Issues' as well.
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is boring, to be honest.

    I'd probably like it more if it was a Sabrina Carpenter song.
  17. Mess.
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  18. The way she sings the chorus is ungodly unbearable.
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  19. This is so savage, I'm screaming.
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  20. Not expecting anything so will hopefully be pleasantly surprised....
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