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Julia Michaels - Not in Chronological Order

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popzone, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Anyone want to take this low hanging* fruit?

    *also insert trapeze joke here.
  2. Inner Monologue, Pt. 2 out on Friday:

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  3. Tracklist:

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  4. I... no longer have interest.
  5. I got a couple take away tracks from Part 1 so I'm mildly perched. Priest has piqued my interest.
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  6. Another beige EP.
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  7. This is really great.
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  8. Shouldn’t Have Said It and Hurt Again are the EP’s highlights.
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  9. I'm having my first listen. So far her vocals aren't as grating like on Happy... What a nightmare that was.

    This is a nice EP. Better than Part 1 for sure.

    Hurt Again, Work Too Much, Shouldn't Have Said It are the standouts.

    I also like Body. It's sounds so melancholic.

    I kinda dig ROLE MODEL's voice on Fucked Up, Kinda.


    Nothing will ever top Nervous System but this will do.
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  10. I haven't heard Part 1, maybe I'll try the full Inner Monologue but I have lost interest too.
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  11. I loved this!! Also noticed that in terms of production Falling for Boys sounds so much like Apple part 2. I agree Shouldn't Have Said It is a standout.
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  12. Hurt Again on the Tonight Show:

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  13. The melodies in 17 are sooooooo good, especially the “you put your hand on top of my hand” bits.
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  14. I like her songs, but I’m just not into her as a solo artist. I feel a bit dismissive and rude for saying, but it seems I’m not the only one.
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  15. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I'll take Hurt Again, Work Too Much, Body and Shouldn't Have Said It and leave the rest. I...want to like her, but for every song of hers I think is properly good, there's another which might as well be a recording from a focus group.
  16. Another amazing EP. Her lyrics are heartfelt, the melodies are catchy. Not a single bad song here… so smooth.
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  17. Hurt Again is a keeper.

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  18. Here for Hurt Again.
  19. "Hurt Again" really is very good.
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