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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by enricll, Sep 7, 2020.

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    Italian-American with an incredible, deep voice (à la Ryn Weaver). I discovered through Jackson Foote (of LOOTE fame) - he's been co-producing all of her recent singles, and it's refreshing to hear Jackson's production style mixed with her mellow R&B-tinged pop. Most songs lack clear structure, but I like how freestyle/train of thought they feel. She's had a couple of interviews here and there if you wanna dig deeper.

    Some of my favorite singles so far:

    Also, if you're curious, you can watch how they made and recorded "Immortale" in a single day here:

  2. Her new single is a bop and a half. “Can I have your face / I’m tired of mine”

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  3. She changed her name I guess to Julia Wolf … new EP or Album or project whatever they’re called nowadays came out today.
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  4. This is Spotify fodder but whew it bops!
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  5. Just discovered her and some of this slaps!

    Debut album coming out in January!

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  6. The Gigi Hadid interlude dd

  7. Get Off My is such a bop.
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  8. Obsessed with this right now.
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