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Julie Bergan - Turn On the Lights

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Lost Boy, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Julie Bergan may only be 23 years old, but so far she’s proven herself to be one of Norways most sought after and fiery live acts the country has to offer. With her energetic persona, powerful vocals and vigorous performance style, she effortlessly blasts your expectations into outer space. So far the spirited young talent has amassed over 160 million streams on Spotify, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Bergan has performed concerts all over Europe, doing both solo gigs, and as a steady opening act. Bergan served as the opening act for hitmachine Jess Glynne in early 2016 after her first bite of international success following the release of “All Hours”, as well as supporting Justin Bieber during his concerts in Norway and Spain in 2016 following the monster hit “Arigato”.

    Bergan struck a multi-year deal Warner Music Norway straight after finishing high school in 2013, and has released an impressive amount of nine fruitful singles before finally releasing her debut album “Turn On The Lights” on February 2nd. In her previous years Julie has been nominated for Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) for “Song of the year”, won “Breakthrough artist of the year” from the Norwegian songwriting association for “Arigato”, headlined multiple Norwegian festivals, as well as toured the country to sold out venues with both the “Arigato Tour” and “It’s LIT Tour - Part 1”.

    Julie Bergan is on the brink of something big.

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  2. I like her. However, the new single, for me at least, is so generic and of the moment it could be absolutely anyone. It's not what I want from her or what she's capable of. Shame.
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  3. I think it's her best yet.
  4. I want to like her but all her singles so far are so awfully generic that I can't. I'll take Zara or her roomie and bff Astrid S over her any day.
  5. It's good we all hear something different. I'm just pleased someone has joined me in this area of the forum!
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  6. I too wanted DESPERATELY to love Blackout from what I'd read about it but it could be from any of the current young Euro female singers. It lacks identity I think.

    Interested to see what she does next though.
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  7. Girl
  8. I need to get people listening and replying somehow...
  9. I love Blackout and I actually don't find it generic at all.....Especially the verses: dreamy, kind of Imogen Heap. I think it's a consistent progression from Arigato.
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  10. She's grown so much through the year, each single gets better than the last, not only that but she's actually growing pretty successful in Finland and pulling in huge Spotify numbers. 'Blackout' reminds me of Carina Dahl's 'Burning' but is definitely more balls-to-the-wall pop.
  11. This acoustic/string version is 'Blackout' is SO good.

  12. As above once said the new single is A BOP

  13. A bit on the beige side, she does need better material.
  14. She needs better material and also a better thread title. Don't give her this unnecessary comparison!
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  15. I love this.

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  16. I love this song.
  17. I really like Incapable and have listened to it a bunch since I discovered it a week or two ago, but her others don't excite me quite as much. I probably just need to give them more time to sink in or something.

  18. Her voice is insane.
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