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Julien Baker

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Hardline is fantastic. The arena rock sound suits her well and her voice over the end of it gave me chills. I’m excited to read more about the album and its origins. The lyrics to this new song seem to be about her struggle with alcoholism and I wonder how much is reflective versus recent.
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  2. Unlike Phoebe where I can find enjoyment from her music even when it’s not hitting me in the heart with a ton of bricks, I have to really be in the mood kms to totally get into Julien’s stuff, but these two songs are undeniably fantastic.
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  3. "Faith Healer" didn't really click with me, but "Hardline" is fantastic.
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  4. Hardline just blew me away. One of her best songs for sure.
  5. KEXP set including new songs!

    Faith Healer
    Song in E
    Fell on Black Days
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  6. I'm the opposite ddddd. I have a huge love/hate thing with Phoebe, but I really like Julien. I love her personality, too. Hardline is fantastic, same with Faith Healer.
  7. Best news ever is Mercy being retitled into Song in E!!
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