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July 2020 PJ Charts: Songs #40-31 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Any of these would be lovely:

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  4. Oof. Hard decision this early morning. Not making anymore here.
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  6. ohnostalgia

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    Okay I extended the deadline because tomorrow is my first day of vacation and I don't want to spend it glued to a google spreadsheet.
  7. Last minute Nancy Drews - don’t forget these great songs!!


  8. Excited to give Elbow Beach a vote for it's 20th Anniversary
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    I forgot what it was like to have people vote in a timely manner.


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    Voting officially closed. Looking for a Monday start.
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    @2014 (7) @Music Is Life (4) @Diet Pop! (1)

    Ms. Williams barely squeaks out a third month on the charts. Not everybody has that.

    Last Month: 26 (-14)
    Months on 2020 Chart: 3
    Total Charting Months: 3

    I said I beat it like a dead horse, I beat it like a drum
    Oh, I stayed with you too long
    Skipping like a record, but I sang along
    A shitty never-ending song
  15. ohnostalgia

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    @BubblegumBoy (10) @WoW73 (3)

    The robot awakening continues.

    Last Month: 17 (-22)
    Months on 2020 Chart: 2
    Total Charting Months: 2

    There is longing in my heart tonight
    While I walk these streets of sorrow
    I'll try to leave my past behind
    Will I face a new tomorrow?
  16. ohnostalgia

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    @Phonetics Boy (8) @finito (4) @ohnostalgia (1)

    Shout out to the watch2gther for getting me into this album. I also find it slightly amusing the we've charted a modern anxiety and a modern dread this year. .

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2020 Chart: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1

    Fresh out steep, water into dust
    Who knew that bruises grew to rust
    Finding it harder to adjust
    'Cause I miss the moment when I didn’t know
    There were enough
  17. ohnostalgia

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    @RUNAWAY (8) @Sanctuary (4) @Slice of Life (1)

    Poor @Slice of Life if I hadn't harassed @RUNAWAY & @Sanctuary into voting....

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2020 Chart: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1

    Which planet are you from
    That you shake me up?
    You keep making me get the chills
    And disturb my mind
    When your melody is playing
    I automatically get synchronized
    I stand up again
    Girl I need a one dance
  18. I was wondering - about how many different songs and albums do people usually vote for every month?
  19. ohnostalgia

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    @londonrain (7) @Lila (6) @Trouble in Paradise (1)


    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2020 Chart: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1

    Sometimes I reel in a fish far too small
    Back into the sea, hook, sinker and all
    And beyond ruins from before the fall
    Stop looking and see
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