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July 2021 + Best Of 2021 (So Far) Charts: My Screaming Sounds Like Angels; No Sign of Danger

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jul 21, 2021.

  1. Second that!!!
  2. Y'all know I would happily vote for two Laura tracks! I just need to make sure we get one in the Top 5 and it seemed like "Magical" was the one but happy to go with what the voters want!
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    1. Case by case - depends on how much new content was added. And while I can’t police this, I would only want people to vote for it if they are voting specifically for the new content. Once somebody submits a vote for a deluxe version I can make a judgement and let the thread know if I consider there to be enough new content. I can tell you right away that one new bonus track is not going to cut it.
    2. If it’s is a new song that was not previously released it should be fine.
    3. Yes. But I would encourage people to think about the remixes they’re voting for and if they really changed the song that much. Save Your Tears is a good example of a remix that significantly changed the song because a feature artist was added.
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  4. Best Of 2020 Album FYCs Part 1
    This is the best album released so far this year and no I won't be taking any questions on that

    This album gets better with every listen and that's wonderful for someone who already loved it

    It's not often an album gets to be a classic in 2008 and 2021

    Reception to this was pretty lukewarm but I honestly really love it & it's another that got better with each listen

    It's overly long and it's still so hard to like Demi as a person, but after revisting it, I was reminded how much I love this album
  5. With this slower month it's time to appreciate Vincint's amazing latest release. Let's get him top 10 this time.
    Stellar pop. @Diet Pop! @Cutlery @Cotton Park @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Sprockrooster @Trouble in Paradise


    Mahmood's latest album is such a sultry vibe as he always is in general. Vote bedroom eyes today.
    @Oleander @Serg. @Phonetics Girl @berserkboi @Trouble in Paradise @boombazookajoe @CorgiCorgiCorgi


    Lost Stars is pure pop with their new tiny EP. It's only 3 songs but that just means it's all creme. They really did turn up the pop with this and do sound like a boyband.
    @BubblegumBoy @GimmeWork @saviodxl @WoW73


    If you want a boyband to chart try HYYTS. They're a little bit indie but they remind me of Hurts at least looks wise.
    @saviodxl @2014 @Music Is Death @GimmeWork


    Kingdom have released my top pick for Kpop album of July. The usual kpoppers please vote for and keep mentioning the boys.
    @ohnostalgia @Glitterizer @RUNAWAY @Empty Shoebox @soratami @Sail On

    I'm also voting for SF9's latest.
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  6. I know which Billie album track is getting my vote.

  7. Best of 2021 So Far FYC:

  8. Don’t sleep on the Yola album!!
  9. In case you haven't voted for the July charts yet, these two songs released today deserve a listen and some points!

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  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I forgot I have a long weekend so I might as well extend the deadline two days.
  11. TORRES did not come to play!

    This Australian duo have been consistently putting out bops:

    ♫ i don't wanna be a man, i don't wanna be a woman, i just wanna be golden ♫
    zella me too wtf
  12. Do we send our half year charts to @ohnostalgia or to @berserkboi or both?

    I just voted! I see there has been no discourse on a Yola song so I voted for Dancing Away In Tears, but if there is another track we could rally behind I will change my vote to that song.

    I saw Tragic from Jazmine Sullivan in the playlist for this month as well, so I voted for it again, hoping it can chart now.

    Also, please do not forget this gem:
  13. No campaign for ms Nashe ?

    Also for you who love some raging pop punk maybe can check this one and even spare some vote for it ? @boombazookajoe @ohnostalgia I remember y'all have some interest on them

    The biggest girl group has release their new Japanese album

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  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Just send the votes to me right now. I can quote them into a new DM with @berserkboi if needed.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Oh wow it’s best of 2021 so far time already hhh
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  16. I'm definitely going to be a last min submission this month, I've had no time to listen to new music, I wish big albums weren't released a couple of days before the deadline cause I'm stressed.
  17. Later than I had intended but here is the second set of Spanish recs for the month. Apologies for missing the watch2gether, things were quite busy.

    The songs in this selection are a bit more chill than the previously highlighted ones.

    First up is the new song from former RBD member and Reina mexicana, Dulce María, one of the members who didn't participate in the reunion, called Amigos Con Derechos. With the fiddle playing throughout the song, it has a bit of a bluegrass feel.

    Chicanx sister duo and and big-time group in Mexico, one of my former PJ00s' artists, HA*ASH (a combination of their names Hana and Ashley) is back with a nice little motivational track, Vencer El Pasado.

    Reina mexicana Ximena Sariñana has released a new song with fellow Mexican artist Ruzzi called Cariñito. It's a bit more laid-back but when that bit of rhythm comes in, it makes you want to move along to it.

    Another former PJ00s act of mine, Banda mexicana Playa Limbo are back with the new song Luces De Sal, which has a really nice groove to it.

    And lastly, leyenda mexicana Natalia Lafourcade is back as a featured artist on the new pretty and chill track from la cantante argentina, Sofía Campos, called Verde Nocturno.

    I had to miss the watch2gether but are there any Spanish songs people were interested in voting for? Maybe La Niña De La Escuela by Lola, Belinda, and TINI? Elsa y El Mar? There's also the track Hora y Cuarto suggested by @berserkboi.

    And to reiterate for the Best of 2021 So Far Charts, I will vote for Mon Laferte and Natalia Lafourcade's albums and maybe Javiera's EP. If anyone wants to vote for them or any of the other Spanish recommendations, let me know!
  18. Yikes it’s the end of the month already? I’ve been distracted and busy this month but I’ll for sure get my votes in.
  19. @Oleander - I love that serve from Alaska and Ana so much it is guaranteed to be one of my Top 2 songs of the month so we have a great chance to have it chart if you catch my drift ddd

    Miss Lafourcade is certainly gonna be in the Berserky Best Of too!
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  20. I am more than happy to vote for Alaska and Ana as the song is really nice.

    Glad to see Natalia have some support. I'd love to get her on the Best of charts.
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