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Have you accepted Beysus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

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You better put your sneakers on besties...


...because it's time for the

!! JULY 2022 PJ CHARTS !!


Welcome to the July 2022 PJ Charts, hosted once again by your "esteemed" host @boombazookajoe. This month is a special one, because this is Beyoncé month.


And we will be celebrating accordingly!

watch2gether (part 1): Saturday 30 5 PM BST
watch2gether (part 2): Sunday 31 5 PM BST

  1. Send a chart of your 10 favorite songs and 5 to 10 favorite albums (using the format below) in a PM to @boombazookajoe
  2. You can choose to send only songs or albums if you wish.
  3. The songs can be singles, album tracks, demos, or anything you want.
  4. The albums can be full length, EP, compilations, and even unreleased albums.
  5. You cannot submit a ballot entirely full of K-pop. There is an equally fabulous K Chart run by @Slice of Life.
  6. You must vote for at least one non K-pop song (a K-pop song for the Japanese/Chinese/etc market is treated the same as a release for Korean audiences). I would encourage you to vote for at least one non K-pop album, but it is not required.
  7. The songs and albums can be released whenever, but releases within the past 6 months or so have the best chance to make the charts.
  8. The charts should be what you've been listening to in the past month.
  9. Your favorite song/album gets 10 points, scaling all the way down to 1 point.
    The total points earned builds the chart.​
  10. An album or song must have a minimum of two voters to chart.
  11. Ties are broken by number of voters, then by highest vote, by quality of vote, then lowest score. If we still can't break parity the entries remain tied.
  12. The top five songs each month make the PJ Chart Rate, a modified Eurovision Style contest that runs once a year.
  13. Accept Beysus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


Please use the following template when voting.

10 points:
9 points:
8 points:
7 points:
6 points:
5 points:
4 points:
3 points:
2 points:
1 point:

If you are only voting for five albums, stop at 6 points.

When submitting a specific entry PLEASE use the following formats

Song (Feature Artist) - Main Artist
Album - Artist

If a song has two artists, but neither is featured, please submit accordingly

Song - Main Artist 1 & Main Artist 2

VOTES DUE: Sunday, August 7th 11:59 PM PST
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Classic 90s/00s pop rock at it's best. I've been enjoying Talk, See You Soon, Lovesong, and the perfect pair.

Another one for the rock chicks! New Plant has a very 70s rock vibe, while Hypocreep has a 90s grunge vibe. Both are excellent in my opinion.

The first single off the upcoming deluxe edition of his latest album, "Ivory". A solid pop-soul-RnB fusion that just bangs. Omar's quality control is insane these days.

Raye's first single as an independent artist, this is a lot more gritty than what label Raye usually serves. Her fury is palpable.

An absolutely bonkers pop tune in the best of ways.