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JULY 2022 PJ CHARTS :: the renaissance :: Charts Done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jul 15, 2022.


Have you accepted Beysus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

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  1. Yes

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  2. I will soon I've just been really busy

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  3. I don't believe in God but I do believe in Beyonce

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  4. Why are you forcing this ideology on me? (But still yes)

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  1. I was like 'I don't get this picture' before clicking to see the full version and oh okay ddd

    Yay at Shygirl charting with this tune, especially given her previous single flopped here.
  2. I see my ballot has arrived and it is screaming GAY RIGHTS! Special shout out to Omar Apollo for adding more perfection to Ivory with the deluxe and for possibly bagging Frank Ocean #dreamcouple
  3. I'm sorry what

    35 points

    Hard Out Here | RAYE
    (10) @Aester
    (9) @BubblegumBoy
    (7) @Ashling92
    (5) @tea
    (4) @CorgiCorgiCorgi

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1
  4. 14
    38 points

    Hold The Girl | Rina Sawayama
    (7) @Mr Blonde
    (6) @eccentricsimply @Phonetics Girl @pop3blow2 @Untouchable Ace
    (4) @BubblegumBoy
    (2) @Slice of Life
    (1) @daninternational

    I'm waiting until the album is released to give these songs more attention because Rina isn't someone that I generally go to to listen to a one off track -- I like to get into a whole Rina mood. I'm expecting to like these songs a bit more in the context of the album.

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1
  5. I can't believe I forgot to vote for this when it's one of my favorite songs of the year. Shame on me.
  6. 13
    40 points

    Sparkling | Chung Ha
    (10) @Empty Shoebox
    (8) @soratami
    (7) @Slice of Life
    (6) @RUNAWAY
    (5) @Oleander
    (4) @boombazookajoe

    K-Pop takes a bitsy of a hit this month with our highest charting K-track only reaching top 13. Still, at least the choice is correct, as it's Chung Ha's magnificent return "Sparkling." Seriously, this shit is laced with crack, it's so good.

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1​
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  8. Dang, I really thought Ciara had a chance at top five. Happy to see her and RAYE pretty high up anyway.
  9. Not even top 10 for CiCi???
  10. And the last song to miss the Top 10....


    41 points

    Summer Renaissance | Beyonce
    (10) @tea
    (9) @Sail On
    (8) @GimmeWork
    (5) @Ashling92 @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    (3) @daninternational
    (1) @Babyface

    Okay but when Summer Renaissance ends and I'm That Girl starts again my first thought is "ALRIGHT LETS GO AGAIN."

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1
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  11. And before we crack the 10 ... let's do a little Recapaissance:

    So far 7 tracks from Renaissance have charted:
    Break My Soul

    Of the remaining tracks:
    I'm That Girl
    Alien Superstar
    Cuff It
    Plastic Off The Sofa
    Virgo's Groove
    America Has A Problem

    - Several charted in our top 10 (but how high?)
    - Several received votes but not enough to chart (or bubble under)
    - Several didn't receive a single vote

    Any guesses?
  12. I'd guess Virgo's Groove or Cuff It have the best shot? I voted for them and thought it seemed like other's were going to as well?

    I swear if our split votes mean none make top 5 then MOVE because I'm HEATED and AMERICA PJ HAS A PROBLEM!
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2022
  13. Will fail to make it I guess
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  14. Top 10
    Alíen Superstar
    Cuff It
    Virgo’s Groove

    Bubblimg Umder
    America has a Problem

    No Votes
    Im That Girl
    Plastic Off The Sofa
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  15. I'm assuming Jessie, Ellie, Tove Lo and Rina's other song must have made the top 10, so that's six Beyoncé songs at most. Maybe Rosalia and Sabrina Carpenter too?
  16. You ain't ready, cause clearly there is something missing from that list, that is bound 2 Be Loved I expect.
  17. Being a tad pessimistic maybe, but it's just not realistic.gif
    I forgot Catch Me In The Air also came out in July dddd.
    EDIT: Wait no it didn't ddd.
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