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JULY 2022 PJ CHARTS :: the renaissance :: Charts Done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jul 15, 2022.


Have you accepted Beysus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

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  1. Yes

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  2. I will soon I've just been really busy

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  3. I don't believe in God but I do believe in Beyonce

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  4. Why are you forcing this ideology on me? (But still yes)

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  1. I thought of that too, but I'm not sure if a non-Beyoncé album track has much of a chance in a month like this dd
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  2. Poor Corine is all I can muster!
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  3. Well it is a single (since August I think then). Dutch radio is eating it alive. I will be gobsmacked if this not even made top 40.
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  4. Yeah you're probably right re Sabrina, especially with votes potentially being split between different songs nn. And Catch Me In The Air was late June it turns out, so scratch that. I thought it'd been released in early July.
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  5. Yeah. If we had seen any of her songs across the chart I'd have a little more hope but I don't think she landed in the top 10.

    And same nn. Time means nothing.
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  6. Alien Superstar and Virgo's Groove better be the highest rated Renaissance songs.

    I also forgot to vote for Rina... unforgivable on my part. I'll make up for it in August, I promise!
  7. 9
    50 points

    HEATED | Beyonce
    (10) @RUNAWAY
    (9) @Babyface @Trouble in Paradise
    (7) @klow
    (6) @boombazookajoe @daninternational
    (3) @tea

    Every single day I feel like my favorite song from Renaissance changes, but in every scenario, Heated is always in the top 3 and it hasn't been dethroned yet. A SONG. The gorgeous melodies. "Only the radio can play me" I HEAR GOD. The whole outro is a masterclass. She is really the fucking GOAT.

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1​
  8. Oh, no! Any other month I bet Lizzo would have been up there.

    Sabrina Carpenter was #11 on my ballot. Just too much good stuff this month.
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  10. I was about to have a panick attack (C) Lizzo on 2 Be Loved, when @soratami said it might not even chart. So now I am glad it made it despite being outraged it was not top 5. WHEW. A Rollercoaster. The song is a total bop and I will be doing serious promo to get it into the top 5 next month (Mariah Carey - The Distance style) and I have the video to use it for (not that it is that good).

    RUNAWAY Staff Member


  12. 5
    57 points

    CUFF IT | Beyonce
    (9) @eccentricsimply @Remorque
    (8) @boombazookajoe @Slice of Life
    (5) @Aester @Babyface @GimmeWork @Sail On
    (2) @Trouble in Paradise
    (1) @RUNAWAY

    As the early votes were coming in, I can't lie to you, I was getting a bit nervous that the vote splitting was going to do Bey/Renaissance dirty and get completely shut out of the top 5. Fortunately, we rallied as a team and managed to send 1 (or more...) songs into the Top 5 -- starting with the IMMACULATE Cuff It. The crack laced in that spooky choir singing "We gettin' FUCKED UP TONAWWWWIGHT" -- too good.

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1
  13. My 10 pointer charting at #10 and my 9 pointer charting at #9
  14. 2
    86 points

    (10) @Ashling92 @ohnostalgia @Slice of Life
    (9) @Aester @Sprockrooster @tea
    (8) @eccentricsimply @Sail On
    (7) @Inland Empire
    (6) @klow

    Despite dominating the album charts and having tracks chart all over this month, Beyonce will have to settle for second place here (and here only) with her highest charting track, Alien Superstar! The fact that this is a 10 and isn't even in my top half of Renaissance -- Beyonce really annihilated all competition with this album. I truly feel for anyone who thinks they will be releasing a better album this year.

    Last Month: N/A
    Months on 2022 Charts: 1
    Total Charting Months: 1​
  15. Pleasantly surprised by how well Hypnotized did, that's another one I feared might not chart dd
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