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JULY 2022 PJ CHARTS :: the renaissance :: Charts Done!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jul 15, 2022.


Have you accepted Beysus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Poll closed Aug 15, 2022.
  1. Yes

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  2. I will soon I've just been really busy

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  3. I don't believe in God but I do believe in Beyonce

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  4. Why are you forcing this ideology on me? (But still yes)

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    • Girls - aespa
    • Despechá - Rosalía
    • Coco Robot (feat. HabibiSly) - Corine
    • Vicious - Sabrina Carpenter
    • Cupid - Rose Gray
    • Locomotion - Kylie Minogue
    • Carretera y manta - Pablo Alboran
    • Coast (feat. Anderson.Paak) - Hailee Steinfeld
    • Night Moves - Lissie
    • Rollerdome - Bif Naked
    • cerquita Del Mar - immasoul
    • Coming Down - Isle Of You
    • Change The Locks - King Princess
    • Begging For Rain - Maggie Rogers

    And for Renaissance, congrats to Move and America Has A Problem for receiving 1 vote each! (Sadly none for I'm That Girl, Energy, or Plastic Off The Sofa -- which is particularly rotten to me.)
  3. Thanks everyone for riding with me this month! I'm sure some of you have seen the conversations floating around in this thread, but starting in the month of September, the charts will be hosted by a rotating crop of hosts including @berserkboi, @BubblegumBoy, @soratami, our fearless leader @ohnostalgia, and me.

    But first! We have guests extraordinaire @tea and @GimmeWork who will be co-hosting August! We are very excited to have them take on this month! @tea and @GimmeWork -- I hand it over to you! Feel free to start the August thread whenever you'd like!

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  4. Pretty much these all of these Bey songs I thought would make top 10 made it except "HEATED".
    These charts also confirmed that "I'M THAT GIRL" and "PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA" are definitely underrated.

    Good to see Corine being close to top #40 at least. And P!nk not even making bubbling under despite me giving it 5 points ihavetolaugh.gif
    A bit surprised ROSALÍA completely missed the charts but I guess the song isn't as loved as the ones from "MOTOMAMI". The third song I voted for but didn't appear at all is "2NLuv" by Jenevieve feat. Benzibo - it's a proper tune.

    Thank you for the fab hosting, @boombazookajoe and I'm looking forward to the next one!
  5. Oh my god, I completely forgot about "Hypnotized"! Nice to see it do well anyway.

    I'm making a push for "Virgo's Groove" to go top five in August, as we are heading into virgo season.
  6. Oh no
  7. Justice for Hailee!!!

    Glad to see Alien Superstar getting its dues though, it's the best thing on the album. Along with probably All Up In Your Mind and maybe Cuff It. It's funny how my top 3 has changed over time.

    (Also I think you forgot to list me in the voters for Summer Renaissance dd)
  8. I absolutely messed up the entire voting group of that post! Dddd the points were correct but all the voters were wrong fff. Fixed now!
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  9. And it was me that voted for both! I definitely think these two tracks are among the best 40 songs of July if not the entire year, but can't complain too much given that more than half of the album charted including the four (4) (!) other Beyoncé songs I gave points to.
  10. Thanks so much for another fantastic month Joey. Very relieved Bey ended up with 2 in the top 5! What a ride!

    We'll be opening the August thread Thursday or Friday! Get your FYCs ready besties. It's going to be another stacked month. <3
  11. Yes, I too have realised since it's one of my favourites, if not thee song of the year.
    Yath, let's coordinate!
  12. Thanks @boombazookajoe !! I think I may have to get back into the chart routine, especially so my boy Omar can get the absolute bop Highlight on the charts plus 2 Be Loved deserves Top 5!!
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