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June 2020 + Best of 2020 (So Far) PJ Charts: Vote Best Of by July 8th, June Album Reveals

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Which RTJ4 song are we rallying around?

    Pulling The Pin was the instant album standout to me.

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  3. This month was kind of tragic for K-pop don't at me.
  4. I’ll go with whatever. I know @Mr Blonde is probably voting for RTJ4 as well, so let’s coordinate.
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  5. Will I finally be able to schedule a watch2gther that starts at the time I want it to?

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  6. @

  7. I loved the few alt/pop rock songs that were played during the session, but didn't remember the names except for Bully. Feel free to do some promo!
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  9. Nah actually you might be thinking of these @Crisp X

    You can actually check the room history to see everything that was played during the watch2gether session too.
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  10. I didn't like the Pharrell collab, but others might wanna toss it some points:

  11. Best of 2020 FYC

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  12. Some more people need to help me get Yelle on the charts!!!!

    ...also I missed this release and WILL be voting, that is all.
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  13. The Sick Love EP is so good it kinda reminds of me of Garbage so I’m very much here for it.

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  14. @CorgiCorgiCorgi I was planning on Walking In The Snow! although if you're committed to Pulling The Pin I'm more than happy to fall in line
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  15. The taste! Walking In The Snow is incredible.

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  16. Here's the songs I played on watch2gether #promo

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  17. In case there might be some Game Of Thrones fans, don't forget to check out and / or vote for Raleigh Ritchie's new album:

  18. I'll send my ballot this afternoon. Can't wait to vote for this

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