Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Last year was the first year I bothered with Junior Eurovision, primarily because of Qami Qami and my love of afternoon drinking, but this slaps and I'm glad I started paying attention!

Was surprised with the winner and with how we Ireland did. (Side note her lip sync in the opening number was hilariously off).

Thought Georgia or Albania were better than France. But was an enjoyable little show.
After the pretty-mid-table hosting of 2011, Armenia did a good job at JESC this time! The show was fun to watch from start to finish.

UK represant Freya was sick at the show but still managed to give a decent performance and end up winning the online voting, BBC is really living their golden era, huh?

France was fun, Armenia was delightful and Georgia was powerful. Overall it was a good show, even better than Turin - except, the iPad AI Robin I guess.
- France winning was totally out of leftfield but I'm fine with it. (Yet another milestone for Barbara Pravi.)
- So proud of my babies Sophie and Nicolas achieving Ireland's and Portugal's best result.
- Not the UK winning the JESC televote after winning ESC jury. The renaissance is real.
- My heart breaks for Serbia's Katerina who couldn't perform on final day.
I wasn't planning to watch this but caught it mid broadcast and thought it was really enjoyable! Armenia, UK and Georgia were my favorites and I managed to vote.