Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

A really great show - Armenian team did a very good job. Nice to see the UK topping the online vote.

Enjoyed Rosa Linn getting her homecoming moment, too.
I didn’t want France to win, it wasn’t my favourite but I don’t hate it and he gave an excellent performance.

I can’t believe the amount of shit I’ve seen against a child on social media in the last 24hrs - grown adults calling him names and making threats and now he’s gone and deactivated all his social media when he should be riding the high of winning!!
Finally watched this. France winning felt like it came out of nowhere. I didn't even expect them to be in the top 5. But good for him regardless.
I know I keep banging on about this but it’s so unfair and unkind what’s happening

if you can spare a couple of likes please do:
The song was horrible and the performance was a bunch of screams but it is just rude to treat children like that. Let me give it a quick 'like' to turn things around for him.