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Just brought some Eurovision related albums...

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Jake, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Nanne - Alltid Pa Vag
    BWO - Halcyon Days
    Carola - Fran Nu Till Evighet

    Just wondering if they are any good. I have been told that BWO and Carola's albums are really good. Not heard much about Nanne's though. What is it like?
  2. Thinking of getting Lena's most recent one as well, is that any good?
  3. Carola's album is excellent!

    Despite a few ballads it's packed full of schlager-type anthems, and is well worth the money.

    It's a bargain at £8.75 on cdwow.com so you can't really go wrong with it....
  4. Rob


    I've been interested in getting Nanne's myself, but there's two on CD WOW and it's really confused me as one appears to be a Greatest Hits or something, I didn't even realise she' been going for that long!

    On the subject of Nanne, does ANYONE know where to get an English version of Hall Om Mig? I'm so DESPERATE and would greatly appreciate it...
  5. I would love to hear Hall Om Mig in English (inserts a smile)
  6. Rob


    I always thought it was called "Embrace Me" in English, but I saw somewhere else today that it's got a different name, but I'm certain it's Embrace Me...
  7. It was never released becuase she didn't win in 2005.

    It must be locked in a cupboard @ Lionheart records never to see the light of day.
  8. I don't think it would sound as good in English though.....it's still a shame. Would love to hear it...
  9. It's not on the album in English. I have said album. It's fairly ok, a little middling at points but generally good.

    I must dig it out and listen to it again.

    It also has Manga karla, lytte tid - which is just ace by the barrowload.

  10. Manga Karlar Litte Tid is one of the gayest songs of recent years surely. Love it. But I find Nanne a bit excrutiating over a whole album. She's a bit like Anastacia in that sense for me, good for singles but not for albums.

    You will love Halcyon Days. It's perfect.
  11. So Jake, what did you think of them all?
  12. I can't fault the Carola album (except for one to many ballads). Amazing album.

    I really like the BWO album. The first few tracks except Temple Of Love are the only tracks i don't like (like as much as the others though, such as Voodoo Magic)

    Nanne's album is too track heavy. Still good though, but my least favourite from the three.
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