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Justin Bieber - 5th studio album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2017.

  1. Even scrolling past the video, I'm blinded by the whiteness.

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  2. waking up diagonal like an animal in a cold and empty bed

  3. Speaking of white mediocrity, John Mayer already did this...and did it better....and at least had the decency to put a pleasant enough track underneath it.
  4. Should’ve stayed in
  5. This could be a lower-tier Katy Perry video.
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  6. I wish I could block Ed Sheeran from my reality

  7. Not Ed Sheeran Charts dragging the views, scream.
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  8. OOP @ this underperforming.
  9. That Lil Nas X reign just won't let up.
  10. I just feel like the “we want relatable!!1” phase in pop music has come and gone. Billie’s casual slayage feels like people are looking for an edgier tone again.
  11. This reads like a Black Mirror episode and I'm so here for it.
  12. The one where they are just silent fuzzy blobs yes pls
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  13. Cowboy Justin is actually a pretty good look but kind of wasted here given it's so 'blink and you'll miss it' and the general awfulness of the video.
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  14. Dreadful, dreadful video. Justin looks hot and that's all that's ok about it. I don't get why people are saying that it's under-performing - do music videos from this lot usually get much more views?
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  15. ...but Billie's entire image is that she's relatable to people her age? dddd
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  16. I wouldn’t say it’s relatable, but more of it appeals to them? Wouldn’t you say though that her “outrageous” visuals are more reminiscent of what people were supporting from Gaga a decade earlier?
  17. This feels... heavy-handed and wanting to see a similarity than one actually being there. Pedestrian/Outrageous is a false dichotomy to view pop in since that's not really an accurate of pop in 2019.

    If there is some binary, it's more Real vs Glam that Billie finds herself (or at least her "appeal") in with the former akin to how Lorde was marketed as authentic versus pop girls big at the time. The main difference is Billie is much more influenced by hip hop than Lorde was and the theatricality of hip hop comes across in her visuals.

    She wears Hawaiian dad shirts and oversized hoodies that don't necessarily get marketed as "better" than hyper-feminine pop girls because I think young women in 2019 are multi-dimensional and can love many things, but it's definitely used to market her as different to someone like Ariana or even Halsey. Her presence speaks to the kind of young women who may not see themselves in overtly feminine representation.

    I could *maybe* see bringing Gaga up if someone wanted to discuss pop stars more willing to embrace darker imagery, but Billie's darkness is closer to someone like Lil Uzi. Which brings back that the biggest influence on pop music for the last 2-3 years is hip hop where this kind of discussion doesn't really make sense.

    Like this was one of the biggest hits of 2017:

    Also, the Ed/Bieber song is doing good and just more-so not as well as they would normally do due to oversaturation re: the artists themselves and the song kinda being shit. I'm just not seeing this "it's 2009 again! the age of edgy and outrageous! whew!" thing dddd.

    Short-notes version: I think Billie's appeal is more similar to the kind of relatable rockism that Lorde found herself surrounded by in 2013 than the high-art poptimism that followed Gaga in 2008 and that it's an important distinction in deciding on if relatability is still important.
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  18. I liked the video because Justin Bieber finally took a shower and looks HOT.

    I honestly think it matched the song well enough
  19. Maybe we’re not exactly there yet, but it does feel at least point into that direction? The emergence and dominance (to varying degrees) of Dua, Camila, Ariana, Billie and Normani remind me of how the previous gen of pop girls started out.
  20. I've been hearing this song on the radio a lot and I just...can't believe Max Martin was involved with this piece of shit.
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